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Who Is Nayuta in Chainsaw Man? Her Mysterious Origins Explained

Who Is Nayuta in Chainsaw Man
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / JUMP COMICS CHANNEL

Who is Nayuta in Chainsaw Man? Fans are increasingly interested in her dynamic with Denji and unsettled by her absolute lack of a moral compass.

Nayuta's character is one of the biggest mysteries so far in the Chainsaw Man manga. But did you know that Chainsaw Man isn't her debut in Tatsuki Fujimoto's gory world?

Denji's adopted sister hasn't played the most important role in Chainsaw Man Part 2 so far, but she influences the main character greatly. So, we have put together all the information you need about her.

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Who Is Nayuta in Chainsaw Man?

Nayuta In Chainsaw Man
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Nayuta is the reincarnation of the Control Devil, one of the Four Horsemen, following Makima's death. As the new Control Devil, Nayuta has all the abilities that Makima had, including the power of extreme coercion.

For more details, you might want to read about Makima's powers.

The full extent to which Nayuta knows how to control her powers at such a young age hasn't been fully explored.

In Chainsaw Man Chapter 150, however, Nayuta demonstrates the ability to control others by tying them with chains that start from her hands.

When she first appears, she's a toddler or very young girl, but she's already around 10 years old in Part 2, though not that much time has passed.

Nayuta lives with Denji as his little sister. Denji was supposed to be raising her with help from Kishibe, but the latter is absent from Part 2.

Denji has resolved to give her the family life the original Control Devil hoped for.

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Nayuta's Origins in an Obscure Tatsuki Fujimoto Manga

Nayuta's Origins
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Jump Comics +

Strangely enough, Chainsaw Man isn't Nayuta's debut. A version of the character first appeared in Tatsuki Fujimoto's one-shot called Nayuta of the Prophecy, which is part of the Tatsuki Fujimoto Before Chainsaw Man: 22-26 collection.

The dark fantasy manga follows a teenage boy who tries to protect his little sister, Nayuta, a demonic girl destined to bring about the apocalypse.

If you want to read it for yourself, skip the spoilers by going directly to the next section.

If you'd like to hear more, this early version of Nayuta is a little girl that looks just like Chainsaw Man's Nayuta with a small but important difference; her horns, which mark her as a prophesied demonic child.

This short but unsettling manga doesn't seem to take place in the universe of Chainsaw Man, as devils other than Nayuta aren't mentioned.

nayuta's origins fujimoto manga chainsaw man denji
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Credit: MAPPA

Moreover, the world of Nayuta features animal crossovers such as hare-cats and whale-cows, suggesting that it unfolds in a secondary world rather than the Chainsaw Man universe, which is simply an alternative 90s version of our world.

In the one shot, Nayuta is a creepy child who can only speak evil, demonic, or tragic words, which means her speech sounds horrifying, and she can't form coherent sentences.

Nayuta's mother dies giving birth to her and her father is murdered shortly after, as people panic about Nayuta and want her dead.

Her older brother and sole caretaker is afraid of her, but he is determined to do his best to give her a good life.

Growing up, Nayuta demonstrates cruel and unsettling behavior, such as killing various farm animals and manifesting swords.

While she cannot communicate through regular speech, she teaches herself to read and write so that she can talk to her brother through written messages.

Despite her scary and unchildlike behavior, Nayuta cares for her brother.

It is implied that she killed the animals partly because she hoped he would eat them, as he works hard to keep her well-fed, eating very little himself.

Nayuta's brother seems to be the only one keeping her from bringing about the apocalypse.

The one time he manages to scold her, she cries in remorse, showing that she is capable of empathy and regret.

The short manga ends on an uncertain note, implying that there's nothing to be done to prevent the imminent apocalypse, but Nayuta and her brother are going to have each other's backs until then.

Nayuta: Chainsaw Man and Nayuta of the Prophecy

nayuta chainsaw man
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Jump Comics +

While Chainsaw Man's Nayuta doesn't have horns, her character design might be what inspired the unique heads of Fiends like Power.

Moreover, the dynamic between the original Nayuta and her older brother is somewhat similar to that of Denji and Nayuta in Chainsaw Man.

In Fujimoto's mysterious one-shot, the older brother is often unsettled by Nayuta's behavior.

Like Denji before becoming Chainsaw Man, he lives in poverty. In his case, though, this is because his sister's status as a prophesized devil child prevents him from finding steady employment.

Denji, on the other hand, is at least able to take care of his and Nayuta's material needs while also going to school and having a regular life.

nayuta chainsaw man denji
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Credit: MAPPA

In the Nayuta one-shot, the siblings are forced to be on the move often, due to Nayuta's violent tendencies.

Despite that, Nayuta's brother never gives up on her. He insists on doing his best for her even if she's evil.

Before Chapter 119 of Chainsaw Man, there was no suggestion of the horror manga's version of Nayuta being as evil as Makima. However, the newest chapters bring in some unsettling evidence.

Denji has mentioned that he was working hard and even selling used items in order to give her a good life and ensure that she can go to college, as she's very smart.

Denji and Nayuta's Dynamic

denji and nayuta chainsaw man
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Credit: MAPPA

It seems that Denji is a very caring older brother. He does, however, mention that breaking the house rules could mean death, suggesting that Nayuta is already showing signs of aggression.

Her first appearance in Chainsaw Man Part 2 seems like a confirmation, as she threatens to kill Asa for kissing Denji.

By Chapter 150, it is evident that Nayuta has no moral compass. She seems happy to conspire with Fami about preventing the Nostradamus Prophecy.

Later on, she gleefully suggests that she and Denji join the Devils so that they can have all the food and pets they want. Denji's distress at the prospect changes her mind again, although she may be planning something.

The full extent of Nayuta's role isn't yet clear, but many fans believe that Fujimoto had always wanted to serialize Nayuta's story but wasn't able to, hence her role in Chainsaw Man.

Whether or not this is true, it's evident that Fujimoto enjoyed writing the loving but sinister brother-sister dynamic in Nayuta of the Prophecy, and Chainsaw Man Part 2 is an opportunity to explore this further.

Nayuta's Role in Chainsaw Man Part 2: The Best Theories

nayuta chainsaw man yoru
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Nayuta's first appearance in Chainsaw Man Part 2 was quite explosive, and she hasn't shown any signs of calming down.

Nayuta is first seen walking a large number of dogs. Remember that Makima also liked dogs, to the point that she instructed Denji to behave like a dog around her.

Although not too much time has passed since the events of the Public Safety arc, Nayuta is already an older child, implying that, as a Devil, she grows at a faster rate.

Will Nayuta Help Denji?

If she finds out that Asa Mitaka is a Fiend, Nayuta might use her powers as the Control Devil to help and protect Denji. But could she also be capable of turning against him?

It seems that, as much as he cares about her, Denji is also somewhat afraid of crossing her, so her taking a stance as his antagonist (perhaps due to some misunderstanding) isn't implausible.

Fans have also theorized that since Nayuta is still a young girl, the War and Famine Devils could attempt to use her against Denji, such as by kidnapping her.

At this point, it seems that Nayuta is on friendly or at least civil terms with Fami, the Famine Devil, and they both want to prevent the Apocalypse their "eldest sister," the Death Devil, wants to bring.

Is Nayuta Evil?

Is Nayuta Evil in Chainsaw Man Makima
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Credit: MAPPA

Chainsaw Man's latest chapters show that Nayuta has an evil, or at least amoral streak.

Her personality isn't the same as that of her Nayuta of the Prophecy counterpart as she talks like a human and goes to school like a normal girl.

Even so, Nayuta is a creepy child with unsettling and violent behaviors, but she can show devotion to others, particularly Denji and her dogs.

That being said, she's very controlling of Denji and doesn't want him to have a girlfriend, which might prove problematic in the long run.

Nayuta's Connection to Makima

nayuta and makima chainsaw man
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Credit: MAPPA

Denji mentions that Nayuta is smart, but also that she's a problem child with an extreme personality, so he is aware of her violent tendencies. Worse still, she bears some similarities to Part 1's main villain.

In her first appearance after Makima's death, Nayuta's hair was on the short side, but it has grown longer now, and she is seen wearing it in a braid.

She also tucks her shirt in her pants in a way similar to Makima's.

We've yet to see if her personality will also resemble Makima more and more as she grows. For Denji's sake, we hope that this is not the case.

At the end of the Public Safety arc, we find out that the Control Devil (Makima) was unhappy because everyone was supernaturally compelled to obey her.

This meant that she was unable to form genuine human connections.

Denji then resolved to give Nayuta a genuine family with a lot of love and affection to ensure that she wouldn't turn out like Makima.

So far, Nayuta is very controlling and has no moral compass, but hopefully, she will simply be a force of chaos, rather than someone who will take everything Denji loves away from him.

Nayuta's Control Devil Powers

nayuta control devil chainsaw man makima
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Credit: MAPPA

Nayuta's status as the Control Devil might mean that once Denji started living with her, he can't help loving her due to her coercion abilities.

Even so, it seems that Denji and Kishibe made a conscious choice to be Nayuta's family, hoping that she can live a more fulfilling life than Makima.

Given Fujimoto's early manga, we do expect Nayuta to continue being an unsettling character, even if she turns out not to be completely evil.

But one thing is certain; we can't wait to find out more about her.

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