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Chainsaw Man Chapter 137's Song Explained

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 137
Credit: MAPPA

Fans don't know what to make of Chainsaw Man Chapter 137, and the Mystery Girl's song only complicates things. The song is perfect for Denji, but does Chainsaw Man Chapter 137 feature a real song?

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Does Chainsaw Man Chapter 137 Feature a Real Song?

Does Chainsaw Man Chapter 137 Feature a Real Song
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Credit: MAPPA

Yes! The song we see the Mysterious Girl sing in Chainsaw Man Chapter 137 wasn't made up for the shounen manga.

Given its wild lyrics, it's easy to think so, but fans have managed to dig out the actual song.

Listening to it while reading the chapter simply makes the experience so much better.

What Is Chainsaw Man Chapter 137's Song? Lyrics and Meaning

What Is Chainsaw Man Chapter 137's Song
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Credit: MAPPA

For those who'd like to listen to Mystery Girl's song, look no further than Chu Chu Lovely by Maximum the Hormone, a Japanese metal band.

Many of the lyrics can be found within the manga. Here is a little snippet of what we're talking about:

Bitch you! Get you! A bunch of middle-aged phantom killers
The dying hour all year 'round, foreigners taking up permanent residence, amongst reconstruction

A thin waisted masterpiece, Este Host Club is immortal
The stress of helping, the stress of responsibilities; Man and woman is an eternal phrase

This is essentially a song about lust and being horny. In no way do we justify the girl's advances, but the song is perfect for Denji, who is perpetually thinking of sex.

What Does Chu Chu Lovely's Insertion Mean for the Manga?

What Does Chu Chu Lovely Mean in Chainsaw Man
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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Frankly, it's hard to tell what author Tatsuki Fujimoto was thinking when he decided to add a karaoke scene with this song in particular.

The entire sequence is hilarious but strange. Readers aren't sure what to make of it, but we can agree on two things; the song fits Denji, and it sounds much better than we expected.

It's possible that the song meant nothing in particular and that Fujimoto simply thought it would fit the chapter's vibe.

Even then, the song becomes an odd piece of worldbuilding. Having been created in 2007, it's a surprising addition to a manga that unfolds in the 1990s.

It's no secret that Chainsaw Man is part of an alternative universe, whereby some historical events have happened differently or not at all. This song is a reminder!

If the Mystery Girl is a Devil (as plenty of fans theorize), then the song could have a further meaning or function.

As we explain above, this is a song about lust. If she is a Lust Devil or a Devil who lures her victims through lust, it's possible that she attracted the baseball bat mob knowing that Denji would hurt them.

After all, the song does mention "phantom killers" and "stalkers."

The next few Chainsaw Man chapters could possibly put an end to the song's enigma — but we doubt it!

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