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Chainsaw Man: Asa x Denji Shippers Come Alive After Chapter 135

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 Denji

The romance may have taken a backseat in the last few chapters, but Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 saw Asa and Denji shippers come alive after Asa reveals her feelings to Yoru.

Well, "reveal" might not be the right word as Yoru and Asa share the same brain.

Still, Asa’s feelings were shared with readers in an incredibly hilarious manner, making it one of the highlights of this excellent new chapter.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 in this article.

Asa Mitaka Reveals Her Feelings for Chainsaw Man in a Hilarious Poem

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As revealed in the Aquarium arc, Asa Mitaka has developed feelings for Denji.

But because of the circumstances during the Falling Devil arc, the two haven’t interacted. At least, when they did, Denji was acting as Chainsaw Man.

The last few chapters focused on Denji and Nayuta, but this latest chapter brings the focus back to Asa and Yoru.

While the War Devil still wants to kill Chainsaw Man, Asa is not on board with this as she was saved by him.

Soon, it was revealed that Asa developed feelings for Chainsaw Man through a hilarious poem in her mind.

This proved to be one of the funniest moments of Part 2, enough that it even inspired some fans to recreate it.

While Asa and Yoru continue to fight, the Famine Devil aka Fami suddenly appears.

As she devours most of the food in Asa’s apartment, she recruits Asa and Yoru to the Chainsaw Man Church. This is because Asa and Yoru’s goals are surprisingly aligned.

While Yoru wants revenge on the Black Chainsaw Man, Asa has feelings for the Red Chainsaw Man. Fami explains that these are two different beings.

The chapter ends with the reveal that Asa and Yoru took up Fami’s offer as the two have now become capable Devil Hunters. Though it seems Denji is not at all happy with this development.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 135: Fami Differentiates Red and Black Chainsaw Men

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Even though the key takeaway for many in the new chapter is that Asa and Denji will once again come together (whether romantic or otherwise), many are still trying to wrap around the different Chainsaw Man.

Fans believe that the Red and Black Chainsaw Men that Fami refers to are Denji’s Hybrid form and Pochita’s full Devil form, respectively.

If that is the case, by helping Denji live a normal life, Yoru will have basically prevented the Black Chainsaw Man from appearing again while Asa will be able to save the Red Chainsaw Man (aka Denji).


Still, there are a lot of mysteries to unpack. Although Fami said that the Chainsaw Man who appeared on TV was a fake, it’s still not clear if this is the same Devil that killed Yuko.

While we might not get our answers soon, Chainsaw Man will at least return with Chapter 136 next week, meaning fans will only need to wait a week to find out what happens next.

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