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Bleach: TYBW Director Explains Kubo’s Involvement in Anime-Only Fight Scenes

Bleach TYBW Anime-Only Yhwach

Ahead of the show’s return this weekend, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War director Tomohisa Taguchi explained how series creator Tite Kubo was involved in the new anime-only fight scenes in Part 2.

Taguchi explained this and more in a recent interview with Febri. There, Taguchi revealed some intriguing details that are surely interesting for many fans.

While his talk about the upcoming anime-only scenes is a highlight, the interview also featured Taguchi sharing his experience of directing Part 1’s scenes that featured 3D animation.

Bleach: TYBW Director on Part 1’s 3D Animated Scenes

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3D animation often gets a bad rap among anime fans, with some saying that 3D animated works can appear unnatural.

Despite this, lots of hit anime like Demon Slayer have lots of 3D parts, especially in the fight scenes.

This is also the case with Bleach: TYBW as Taguchi explained the decision to animate some of the fights using 3D animation.

Specifically, Taguchi said that while the anime’s action-packed fight scenes could’ve been animated traditionally if it was made years ago, using 3D animation made it easier without compromising on quality.

This seemed to have worked though, as many fans praised TYBW’s animation for being a clear step above the previous Bleach anime.

Plus, there weren’t any major complaints about the use of 3D animation among viewers.

Animation isn’t everything though, as Taguchi also said that the anime’s music by Shiro Sagisu helped a lot in making the anime feel movie-like in terms of quality.

Interestingly, Taguchi explained that he didn’t direct Sagisu much, so he was free to create the music as he pleased.

According to Taguchi, this lack of restraint made the music even better.

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Director Tomohisa Taguchi on Bleach: TYBW Part 2 Anime-Only Scenes

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While the show has been (and still promises to be) faithful to the source material, there will be some new additions to Part 2.

Taguchi explained that while reading the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, he wished that some of the fight scenes were longer.

Thus, he and the team decided to expand upon the upcoming fight scenes.

Thankfully, Taguchi said that series creator Tite Kubo cooperated with these anime-only scenes.

With this, fans shouldn’t worry about the new additions being not as Kubo intended.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War returns with Part 2, and it will premiere this weekend on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in other regions.

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Source: Febri

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