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Tite Kubo Reveals the Biggest Change From Bleach to Thousand-Year Blood War

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Thousand-Year Blood War was one of the biggest shows of 2022 as it finally saw Bleach’s return after a decade. And with Part 2 coming in just a few months, series creator Tite Kubo shared in an interview what he thinks are the biggest changes from the original Bleach anime to Thousand-Year Blood War.

Recently, Viz Media shared an exclusive interview with Tite Kubo and Ichigo VA Masakazu Morita.

There, the two shared their thoughts on returning to Bleach as well as the changes made in the new anime.

Tite Kubo and Masakazu Morita on Returning to Bleach After 10 Years

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While the anime ended in 2012, it didn’t adapt the entire manga as it ended before the final arc.

Now though, the Bleach anime is back, and it promises to give fans a proper conclusion in anime form.

When asked about returning to Bleach after 10 years, Morita said that it didn’t feel like a decade has passed for him.

This is because he still voiced Ichigo, albeit in the mobile game Bleach: Brave Souls.

Of course, voicing Ichigo in a mobile game is different from the anime. After all, Morita’s recording for Brave Souls consisted mostly of self-contained dialogue while his anime work has him record conversations.

Because of this, Morita was a little scared to return given that it’s been a long time since the original anime. Though he was quickly able to settle in after hearing his fellow cast members.

Kubo also echoed the sentiment as he also felt that 10 years flew by quickly. He then mentioned a key change in TYBW compared to the original anime.

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Kubo Reveals Biggest Change in TYBW Compared to Original Bleach Anime

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To be specific, Kubo said that his family noted how Ichigo’s voice has changed in Thousand-Year Blood War compared to the original Bleach series. These comments were made after the show’s premiere in September 2022.

While Kubo didn’t notice it at first, he did say that Morita’s performance as Ichigo in TYBW is exactly what he had in mind for the character.

Morita confirmed that he did indeed change his voice for Ichigo a bit as he believed Ichigo should sound more mature in TYBW.

After hearing Kubo’s thoughts on how well it worked, Morita was glad that it was the right call.

You’ll get to hear more of Morita as Ichigo in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2 which premieres this July.

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Source: Viz Media

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