The 11 Best Yuri Manga to Read in 2022

The Best Yuri Manga to Read
Credit: Yukiko

The Best Yuri Manga to Read
Credit: Yukiko

Aside from the Boy's Love (BL) genre, the Girl's Love (GL) genre, often known as Yuri, slowly creeps into each anime season. This is due to the changing anime industry, which now sees the genre in a new light after gradually accepting the shift in viewpoint. If you're new to the genre, here are 11 of the best Yuri manga to read in 2022 to get you started!

Yuri, or Girl's Love, refers to a romance between two female characters. Himejoshi refers to female fans of Yuri Media, whereas Himedanshi refers to male supporters.

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  1. Sora and Haena

    Sora and Haena is a yuri manhwa that explores and comes to grips with one's sexuality. It's a sweet and heartwarming relationship between two unlikely characters that will make you smile at times.

    The manga depicts the repercussions of Sora's lies at Jaeil All-Girls High School. Apart from being the top student in her school, she convinced everyone that she had a hot boyfriend.

    She seeks the help of the troublemaker Haena, who promises to find her a hot lover on one condition: Sora will have to assist Haena in getting into college!

  2. Whisper Me a Love Song

    Whisper Me a Love Song is one of the loveliest Yuri manga ever, and it's about finding the true meaning of love, self-reflection, and coming of age.

    The artist deserves praise for bringing one of the genre's most gorgeous visual styles to life. You will not only perish from cuteness, but also from the sweetness between the characters.

    The Yuri manga follows student Himari and her senpai Yori as their romance develops. Himari witnessed Yori's band performance on the first day of school, prompting her to disclose her impetuous feelings.

    Surprisingly, Yori welcomed the confession because she also shared the same feelings! Yori, on the other hand, believes Himari's affection for her is not what she expected.

  3. Hana ni Arashi

    Hana ni Arashi is a lovely slice-of-life yuri manga, also known as Nanoha to Chidori. The premise is lighthearted, which will both relax and melt your heart. Furthermore, the work is purely aesthetic. If you're looking for a fast-paced growth between two characters in a yuri manga, this one isn't for you.

    The Yuri manga follows best friends Nanoha and Chidori, who are from the same social circle. Their friends, on the other hand, are completely unaware that they are dating! This is a story about Nanoha and Chidori falling in love every day while attempting to keep it quiet.

  4. Cheerful Amnesia

    Cheerful Amnesia is a four-Koma yuri manga full of fluff and comedy. It's also a slice-of-life manga with cute stories and outlandish romance from the main characters.

    Cheerful Amnesia is all about fun and lighthearted feelings, so don't expect a deep connection with the characters. Regardless, you'll grow fond of both of them as they get closer each day.

    Mari and Arisa's relationship is the focus of the yuri manga. Mari was saddened when Arisa suddenly lost her memories from the previous three years.

    Despite having no memory of Mari, Arisa falls head over heels for her again. Mari works hard to remind Arisa of the things they do and enjoy doing together in order to save their relationship.

  5. Poor Poor Lips

    Poor Poor Lips is a diabetically-inducing yuri manga. The manga is not only sweet but also humorous. The art style is also unusual, making it a one-of-a-kind reading experience.

    Despite having a 4-koma style, the premise of Poor Poor Lips is also well structured.

    Poor Poor Lips follows Nako, a broke adult who ends up working in Ren's jewelry store. Ren revealed to her coworkers that she is a lesbian but does not like girls. Despite this, Nako stayed with Ren, with whom she has grown closer over time as they work together every day.

  6. Beauty and the Beast Girl

    Despite being a short read, Beauty and the Beast Girl is a wholesome and cute yuri manga. The art is beautiful, but the premise is also light and exciting. From beginning to end, it is pure goodness that will melt your heart.

    The manga follows Lily, a blind girl who develops feelings for the troubled and frightening monster Heath in the forest.

    Heath wants to befriend humans, but she is afraid her appearance will turn them off. Heath's lonely days are over, thanks to Lily because they connected in an instant!

  7. Love Death.

    Love Death, also known as "Nicochuu," is a yuri manga with one of the most ridiculous premises ever. It explores the element of yandere and takes it to a whole new level. Despite this, the manga is hilarious and will make you laugh at times.

    The story revolves around the relationship of two young yandere girls, Akkii and Shouko. They are best friends who have fallen in love. They, on the other hand, take their love to the extreme by wishing to kill each other.

  8. Gokujou Drops

    Gokujou Drops is a yuri manga with a very predictable plot. However, it will not prevent anyone from enjoying the series' story.

    A warning: this yuri manga contains a lot of explicit and smut scenes.

    The Yuri manga follows Maezono Komari as she attempts to gain admission to the prestigious Paraso no Yakata. Maezono must serve under the very rich girl, Himemiya Yukio, in order to stay in the all-girls dormitory. Komari's relationship with her master Himemiya will progress from here!

  9. Futaribeya

    Futaribeya is a yuri manga that will calm and relax readers. The premise is lighthearted and laid-back, with a few jokes thrown in here and there.

    This yuri manga also fits into the CDCT anime trope, or cute girls doing cute things. The romance between the two main characters is just right, so don't expect too much.

    Futaribeya follows Sakurako Kawawa, a first-year student, and her roommate, Kasumi Yamabuki. Despite being polar opposites, Sakurako and Kasumi form a friendship. While Sakurako is very calm, Kasumi is very outgoing and lazy!

  10. Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl

    Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl is a yuri manga with the plot-driven by mistakes and misunderstandings.

    It's a sweet romance between two mature girls with just the right amount of drama, comedy, and sweetness. While not lavish, this yuri manga will keep you entertained and wanting more.

    The manga follows Ooguma Satomi, a sheltered girl who has never been in a relationship since birth. She falls head over heels for a young boy named Mizuki Kanda in her class one day, only to discover that he is a girl!

  11. Hello, Melancholic

    Hello, Melancholic is a sweet yuri manga that avoids oversexualizing women. It's also very lighthearted, with some well-written likable characters. Despite reading it over and over, it will quickly become your favorite Yuri manga.

    Hello, Melancholic follows the love story of Minato Asano, a tall girl, and her upperclassman, Hibiki. While Asano's efforts to blend into the background fail, Hibiki notices her instead.

    Hibiki, it turns out, wants Asano to join the school band she's forming because she thinks the latter's trombone skills will be useful!

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