The Best Yuri Anime Movies to Watch

The Best Yuri Anime Movies to Watch

The Best Yuri Anime Movies to Watch

The yuri anime genre has gone through a lot. While some have given it a bad reputation for sexualising lesbian love, there are some yuri anime movies that shine a light on the uniqueness of all-female relationships.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of genuinely interesting yuri anime movies, unlike the wealth of great BL anime movies. However, we think there is still something to be found in each of these stories:

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  1. Happy-Go-Lucky Days

    This movie is an adaptation of a long-running dark romance manga of the same name. It actually features four separate stories, the first of which is yuri.

    The yuri story follows two women at a wedding who were both at one point in love with the bride (ironically named Yuri). They confide in each other while getting drunk at the wedding and… well, you can guess where the story goes.

    While some fans were unhappy that the dark and boundary-pushing nature of the source material was replaced with a more positive vibe, there are still fans that enjoyed this sweet story.

    The rest of the film includes a BL storyline, a girl appearing in an adult video and young lovers exploring their sexual urges. Many people, however, agree that the first story is the best in the film.

  2. Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!

    This hour-long film is a spin-off of Yuru Yuri, a cute comedy anime following the adventures of schoolgirls that create an "amusement club" together. Think Asobi Asobase but with more cute yuri vibes.

    In Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi, the cast goes on a camping trip during the summer holidays, filled with all the classic anime camping tropes you would expect!

    There have been multiple seasons of Yuru Yuri, although given its comedic nature, it's fairly easy to jump in and learn about the characters if you wanted to start with this movie.

    All the characters in Yuru Yuri are female, and while romance doesn't feature prominently in the series, it's a constant undercurrent that adds to the cute, yuri aesthetic of the show.

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  3. Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Adolescence of Utena

    Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of the best fantasy anime of all time and a must-watch for anime fans.

    Adolescence of Utena is a retelling and slightly alternate ending for the TV anime, but there are elements that assume the viewer has seen the series beforehand.

    The story centers around Utena Tenjou, a student pulled into a series of duels revolving around the Mark of the Rose, a set of rings that allow the victor to take the hand of the Rose Bride. Winning the Rose Bride, a girl named Anthy Himemiya, gives the person the power to revolutionise the world.

    This classic anime is widely seen as way ahead of its time on issues around gender and sexuality. While the movie tries to cram a lot of story into its runtime and can be a bit confusing, the themes of love and gender come across well and it is a beautiful movie to watch.

  4. Fragtime

    Fragtime is a film that focuses on the messy realities of a teenage lesbian relationship, with some fantasy time-stopping fun used to drive the storyline.

    Misuzu, an introvert, discovers that she has the ability to stop time for three minutes once a day. While she usually uses the ability to escape social situations, one day at school, she decides to peek at classmate Haruka’s underwear.

    However, Misuzu discovers that Haruka is the only person immune to her time-stopping power and saw everything she was doing. Despite an awkward introduction, the two grow closer together, Haruka dragging the awkward Misuzu into a world she had closed off long ago.

    It’s worth noting that the movie has been criticised in parts for excessive fanservice, which is quite common in the yuri genre.

    However, it is one of the more faithful anime movie representations of a lesbian relationship available, so you might still want to check this out.

  5. Kase-san and Morning Glories

    This yuri movie is arguably the best portrayal of a lesbian teen romance in anime. It’s a story full of heartwarming moments that any romance anime fan will enjoy.

    The story follows Yui, a timid girl with a fondness for gardening, who ends up in a relationship with the popular and athletic Kase. Despite appearing as complete opposites on the outside, they slowly learn how to support each other as their relationship grows.

    Compared to most yuri anime, Kase-san is more light-hearted and ‘vanilla’. Many people have praised the movie for being one of the most accurate representations of lesbian relationships in the genre, so this is a movie definitely worth checking out.

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