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Bastard!! Netflix Anime Release Date, Episodes, Trailer and All You Need to Know

Bastard!! Netflix Anime Release Date, Episodes, Trailer and All You Need to Know

Netflix has built up a strong library of anime titles, but their latest might be their riskiest yet. Bastard is a very adult fantasy series that could become a cult classic, but how will it perform? Discover Bastard’s Netflix release date, episode count, trailer and more below.

What is Bastard!! About?

Bastard is an adaptation of a dark fantasy manga of the same name that was serialised from the late 1980s all the way up to 2010, albeit with many hiatuses.

The story takes place in a fantasy world where humanity is under constant threat from monsters and other forms of evil.

Previously, peace was threatened by the Divine Kings, a powerful group that sought world domination. They disbanded when their leader, the wizard Dark Schneider, was killed.

However, when the Divine Kings return under new leadership, a Priest decides to revive Dark Schneider in the body of a young boy, in the hope that he will work on their side.

Unfortunately, nobody controls Dark Schneider but himself. Now back in the world, people ask whether he will be humanity’s saviour or ultimate conqueror.

Bastard is sometimes compared to the fantasy series Berserk. However, Bastard is perhaps even more adult than that dark fantasy anime. Bastard has a lot of ‘male fantasy’ elements and is very unapologetic in this regard, as the title suggests.

Bastard has been adapted into an anime before in the early 1990s. However, that effort was not completed and generally falls under the ‘so bad it’s good’ category.

Fans will hope this adaptation does the manga justice. Netflix will surely be hoping for a similar response to that received by the dark fantasy anime Castlevania.

Bastard!! Netflix Release Date

Bastard!! Netflix Anime Release Date
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It has been confirmed that Netflix will release the first half of Bastard on June 30 worldwide.

Unlike some recent Netflix anime, like Komi Can’t Communicate, Bastard will be releasing 13 episodes at once on Thursday, June 30.

The second half of the season will then be released later in 2022.

The reason for this change is likely tied to domestic broadcasting, or lack thereof. Most Netflix anime are only licensed for release outside of Japan on the platform, whereas Bastard is completely releasing on Netflix, in Japan and elsewhere.

According to Netflix, original shows are released at midnight Pacific Time on the day of release. With that in mind, here’s when you should be able to watch Bastard on June 30:

  • Pacific Time: 12:00 AM
  • Central Time: 02:00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 03:00 AM
  • British Time: 08:00 AM


Bastard!! Netflix Release Date Countdown

It’s not long to go now until Bastard arrives on Netflix! Stay tuned to Epicstream for all the reaction when the show goes live.

Where to Watch Bastard!!

Bastard!! Netflix Anime Release Date, Episodes, Trailer and Where to Watch
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The Bastard anime is going to be exclusively available on Netflix, both internationally and in Japan.

As mentioned previously, you will be able to watch 13 episodes of Bastard from June 30. The remaining 11 episodes will then be released later in 2022, presumably in-line with the Fall 2022 anime season in October.

There has been no news yet regarding a dubbed version of the series. If anything is announced before release, we’ll update this page.

What Studio is Producing Netflix’s Bastard?

Bastard!! Netflix Anime Release Date, Episodes, Trailer and Studio
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The Netflix anime series Bastard is being produced by LIDENFILMS, the studio behind Tokyo Revengers and Terra Formars.

Bastard is being directed by Takaharu Ozaki. Ozaki previously directed Goblin Slayer, an anime which had controversies of its own surrounding the graphic nature of its content.

Yousuke Kuroda, who also created the script for Goblin Slayer Season 1, is in charge of series composition on Bastard. The character designs, meanwhile, are managed by Sayaka Ono.

Dark Schneider will be voiced by Kishou Taniyama, who is most known for playing Jean in Attack on Titan. Other notable voice actors include Youko Hikasa as Arshes Nei and Shizuka Itou as Kai Harn, both of whom played leading roles in the classic ecchi anime High School DxD.

The opening theme for Bastard, which can be heard in the trailer below, is performed by coldrain, who also performed the second opening for Fire Force.

The ending theme will be performed by Tielle, who previously performed the opening to Re:Creators.

Bastard!! Netflix Trailer

Are you excited about the upcoming dark fantasy anime? We’ll be covering all the latest news on the show here at Epicstream, so stay tuned!

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