Where to Read the Berserk Manga Legally Online

Read Berserk Manga Legally Online Griffith

Read Berserk Manga Legally Online Griffith

Few manga have made as big an impact as Berserk. First published in 1989, the series has been praised for generations thanks to its incredible artwork and deep, dark fantasy setting. If you want to explore Guts’ dark world, here’s where you can read the Berserk manga online legally.

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Is Berserk on Shonen Jump?

Where to Read Berserk Manga Legally Online Shonen Jump
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The Berserk manga cannot be found on Viz or the Shonen Jump app. The original manga was not published by Shueisha, which publishes Shonen Jump and co-owns Viz Media.

Pretty much all manga available on Viz or Shonen Jump have their publishing rights owned by Shueisha, one of the largest publishers in Japan.

Berserk, on the other hand, was first serialised in Hakusensha’s Monthly Animal House, now known as Young Animal.

Young Animal is a seinen manga magazine targeted at an older male audience compared to Shonen Jump. March Comes in Like a Lion is another notable title to have come out of this magazine.

The Young Animal magazine – which regularly features gravure idols on the cover – suits Berserk’s more mature, R-rated content.

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Where to Read the Berserk Manga Online

Where to Read Berserk Manga Online
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Unfortunately, there is no place online where you can read Berserk for free legally. However, you can purchase digital volumes to read Berserk online.

The Berserk Manga is officially published in North America by Dark Horse Comics, and this is the main English-language version across the world. You can purchase volumes directly on their website or through their app.

The Berserk manga is also available for digital purchase on Amazon’s ComiXology. iPhone users can also purchase volumes through Apple's Book Store.

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Is Berserk Continuing?

Where to Read Berserk Manga Legally Online – About
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Berserk takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Medieval Europe. The story follows Guts, a feared and violent mercenary who sides with different groups and factions across the land through his travels.

The main pivot of the story is Gut’s relationship with Griffith, the stunning and charismatic leader of a mercenary group named the Band of the Hawk, and Casca, the group’s only female soldier.

Berserk was first published in 1989 and was still being worked on until 2021 when the creator Kentaro Miura tragically passed away. In total, Miura produced 364 chapters, split across 41 volumes.

In the summer of 2022, it was revealed that Berserk was returning with new writers. More chapters have been added to the series since, although the release schedule is somewhat patchy, as can be expected.

However, Berserk is very much back and is ongoing, albeit slowly. Perhaps we will see the end of Guts' journey.

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