Power Rangers Actor Austin St. John's New Clothing Line Draws Backlash

Austin St. John as Red Ranger
Credit: Saban Entertainment

Austin St. John as Red Ranger
Credit: Saban Entertainment

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers star Austin St. John is currently receiving backlash over his recent comments about his new clothing line.

He is famously known for playing Jason Lee Scott (aka the Red Ranger) in the original series and has made several convention appearances throughout the years thanks to his popularity among the Power Rangers fandom.

However, he has now become the subject of online controversy following his announcement of a new clothing line that somewhat references a notorious dictator.

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Austin St. John Releases New Clothing Line That Will Feature Hitler Quote

Austin St. John
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Credit: Toon’d In With Jim Cummings

During his guest appearance in Toon’d In With Jim Cummings podcast, St. John revealed that he is releasing a new clothing line called "Warrior" which will feature quotes from well-known "warriors" in history.

One of the historical figures that will somehow be featured is Adolf Hitler as the actor explained that he has "some pretty good one-liners."

"I’m building a ‘Warrior’ line, where I will go back in history from pre-greek days, as far back as I can. I’m gonna have famous quotes from warriors of all ilks, including the terrible ones," St. John said.

"Hitler was, you know, a demon on steroids, but he had some pretty good one-liners. So everybody from the great ones to the infamous and terrible ones."

He added, "The point is to look to our past, to leaders both good and terrible, and take from them what you can."

The actor's comments, which are currently being circulated around social media, have received a lot of backlash from fans.

Amy Jo Johnson, who played Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, weighed in on St. John's comments and threw shade at him in her post on X.

"Hmmm? I think some people should have publicists. Dear me…," she wrote.

After the fans asked about whether she was targeting St. John in her post, Johnson elaborated further in another post.

The actress wrote, "Rogue Red Ranger has an entire new meaning. Okay I’ll stop now."

So far, St. John has not released a statement or comment regarding the backlash ever since it became trending.

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