Are the Videos of the ‘Smoking’ Xbox Series X FAKED?

While the PlayStation 5 is set to come out this weekend, Microsoft has gone ahead to launch the Xbox Series X yesterday. The problem is, it looks like a lot of the consoles are having hardware problems—or are they?

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Credit: Xbox, Microsoft

Videos of the Series X have been going around where smoke has been coming out from the top. Check them out here:

As it turns out, the effect can actually be easily replicated with a vape pen. @XboxStudio has proved that you can make it look like the Xbox Series X is smoking by blowing smoke underneath it. Watch this:

What's more people said that if the console really was on fire, then it would be generating a much darker smoke and not the white one that we see in the videos.

Besides that, other videos have come out of the Series X's disk drive not working. While some can say that could be done by placing a foreign object in the drive, some say that it can be a side effect for the Xbox Serie X being new. Some say the problem can be fixed by forcing a blank CD into a drive then ejecting it. The console should work fine from that point.

If anything, this is certainly going to be a blow to Xbox PR, but if the videos were faked, I have no doubt that Microsoft is going to try and pursue these fakers in court. If anything, experienced gamers are saying that they'll wait for the next wave of the Xbox Series X to come out, as problems are fairly common when getting them on launch day—same goes for PlayStation.

The Xbox Series X|S is now available in stores.

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