Halo Series Teases First Look at Master Chief as Shooting Resumes

While the Halo adaptation had been in development hell for years, things were finally starting to move forward when Showtime greenlit the show. With COVID-19 effectively suspending production, the series has confirmed that shooting has been restarted and we have a teaser for Pablo Schreiber's Master Chief.

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Credit: Microsoft

Check him out:

While it's not the full Master Chief suit, you can see that the mask is very faithful to that part of the helmet. With players not really being able to see Master Chief's face throughout the franchise, I'm wondering if the show is trying pull a Mandalorian and have Schreiber's face revealed for only one episode.

Besides Schreiber, the series also has a cast which includes the likes of Bokeem Woodbine, Natascha McElhone, Bentley Kalu, Shabana Azmi, and Kate Kennedy. Showrunners also include Steven Kane (Alias, The Last Ship) and Kyle Killen (Lone Star, Awake).

With Halo possibly being one of the biggest video game franchises today, it's kind of bewildering that we haven't gotten a big movie until now. With various spinoffs like novels and comics, you'd think a movie would have happened by now, but the adaptation seemed to be stuck in development hell until a series was finally greenlit.

The show is expected to debut sometime in 2021, so hopefully we can get some kind of teaser before the year ends. If anything, it's possible that Showtime will try to get the premiere to line up with the release of Halo Infinite which is also slated for next year.

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