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Arcane Season 2 Officially Confirmed for Late 2024 in New Teaser

Arcane Season 2 Jinx

It has been two years now since the first season’s release, and finally, the second season is in sight. During Geeked Week, Netflix shared a teaser for Arcane Season 2, which revealed its late 2024 release window.

The new teaser may not feature clips from the second season, but it was still a welcome reveal by fans. This is no surprise considering how popular and critically acclaimed the first season was.

Of course, it’ll still be a while before it gets released on Netflix, though it’s likely that a proper trailer will be shared in the coming months.

Netflix Announces Arcane Season 2 Release Window at Geeked Week

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League of Legends is an incredibly popular MOBA, but even non-gamers were drawn to the franchise back in 2021 when Riot Games and Fortiche Productions released Arcane.

This series was Riot’s first proper animated series project. While it featured many well-known League champions that delighted fans, its story is standalone, making it the perfect entry point for those who don’t play the game.

Following its release, Arcane became a huge global hit. Not only that but the show was also praised by critics for its incredible animation and gripping story.

Shortly after its release, Riot Games confirmed that Fortiche Productions is working on the second season. After nearly two years of no updates, Netflix finally shared a teaser for Season 2.

This Arcane Season 2 teaser was shared during Geeked Week alongside trailers for the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender and Blood of Zeus Season 2.

The teaser revealed that the second season will be released on Netflix in November 2024 – three years after the first season’s debut.

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What to Expect From Arcane Season 2

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Given the animation quality of the first season, it’s no surprise that it will take Fortiche Productions three years before the second season is ready to stream.

As the release is still a year away, there aren’t a lot of details about the second season yet. Considering that Jinx is in the teaser, this next installment will likely continue her story.

Based on how the first season ended, chances are that we’ll see the previous League champions return for the new season. These include the likes of Vi, Caitlyn, Viktor, and more.

Fans are no doubt hoping that we’ll see more champions appear. Fingers crossed that characters from other regions like Demacia or Freljord will appear.

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