Aquaman 2 Director Addresses the Negative Buzz Surrounding the Upcoming Movie

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Credit: Warner Bros.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
Credit: Warner Bros.

The final DCEU movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to finally arrive in theaters this coming holiday season and there has been some anticipation on how it will follow up on the first film and conclude this incarnation of the DC franchise.

However, it has also garnered controversies for various reasons whether it's Amber Heard's reduced role in the midst of her highly-publicized trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp and the reports surrounding its alleged production troubles.

Despite all of the obstacles that it encountered, the film is still ready to go, and Warner Bros. has released promotional materials to hype up the general audience for the farewell to the DCEU.

Now, the director behind the film has chimed in on what he felt surrounding the negative buzz that it has received.

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Director James Wan Opens Up About the Sequel's Negative Buzz

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
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Credit: Warner Bros.

In an interview with Empire Magazine (via The Direct), Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director James Wan addressed what he thought of the negative buzz that the film has been receiving ahead of its release this December.

He explained that, despite the "noise" that the sequel has garnered, he is still excited for it to come out as he found the experience making it more fun than the first film.

"I’ve been on this movie for four years now, and I’m so happy for it to come out. In many ways I think it’s even more fun than the first one. But it’s been a long, exhausting process. It is definitely the noisiest movie I’ve ever worked on," Wan shared.

Wan also explained that he had simply filtered out all the negativity and focused more on promoting the film as he thought that the noise would be forgotten eventually in the future.

He said, "That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from this experience. To filter out the negativity and focus on the film. Because that’s what will live on — in 20 years, no-one will remember the noise. Only the movie."

It sounds like Wan is not taking all the negative buzz seriously which is a zen approach to handling it. After all, it is unavoidable for any filmmakers to have their work be poked fun at or criticized by the public so they also have nothing to do but filter it out.

It will also depend on how the film will be received when it is released. If it ends up getting good reviews, the controversies might be immediately forgotten as the public will focus more on its accomplishment. But if it goes the other way, you can argue that the negativity may continue to persist.

Either way, Wan has already done whatever he can for the film and it's all up to the public to make their judgment whether it worked or not.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set to arrive in theaters this December 22.

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