Where Did The Purrgil Take Ezra And Other Questions; Star Wars Rebels Ending Explained

 Star Wars Rebels Ending Explained
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

 Star Wars Rebels Ending Explained
Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

In this article we answer all your questions about Star Wars Rebels ending!

One of the elements that makes Star Wars Rebels worth watching is its focus on the spiritual Jedi elements that can, however, get a little confusing.

Here are some of the most common questions Star Wars fans have:

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What Was Palpatine's Plan?

What Was Palpatine's Plan in Rebels
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Emperor Palpatine was among the many main Star Wars characters to get a Rebels cameo. He arrives late on in Season 4, attempting to tempt Ezra.

Earlier on, Ezra and Sabine had infilitrated a delegation of the Empire who were guarding a Jedi Temple while trying to decipher a way to unlock it.

Ezra finally understands the temple's secret, gains access, and, unexpectedly, saves Ahsoka from her battle against Darth Vader.

Later events lead Ezra to the decision to surrender to Thrawn. The Admiral brings Ezra before a hologram of the Emperor himself.

Palpatine's plan about the Jedi Temple
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Palpatine tempts Ezra with visions of his parents in order to control him.

By then, the Emperor has realized that Ezra's skills are necessary to opening the temple again.

Essentially, he wants Ezra to reopen the World Between Worlds for him.

Access to the temple would make Palpatine infinitely more powerful as it would allow him to change any moment in history.

In Ezra's hands, this power saved Ahsoka. However, Ahsoka made him realize that he shouldn't be trying to change every event that caused him grief; this would have devastating consequences.

We can only imagine how horrible such a power would be in Palpatine's hands.

Thankfully, Ezra chose his found family's safety over his wish to see his dead parents and escaped custody just in time.

What Exactly Was Ezra Planning?

Ezra's final plan explained
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Ezra didn't simply escape the Emperor's machinations; he had a plan of his own.

After fleeing Palpatine's poisonous influence, Ezra doesn't escape to safety.

Instead, he seeks out Thrawn, revealing that he had Mart transmit signals to summon the whale-like Purrgil.

The creatures destroy Thrawn's fleet, but Ezra's plan doesn't stop there.

When the Purrgil start dragging the flagship both Thrawn and Ezra are boarding, Ezra ignores his friends' insistence that he should flee.

He lets the Purrgil drag him and Thrawn into hyperspace. Having seen Thrawn's intelligence, Ezra deems that this is necessary to ensure that Thrawn won't return.

Where Did the Purrgil Take Ezra and Thrawn?

Where Did the Purrgil Take Ezra and Thrawn
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

So far, no Star Wars story has confirmed where exactly Ezra and Thrawn were stranged, so we can only speculate.

Ezra's special Force gift is an aptitude for communication with animals, so it's possible that he had a say about the destination.

One thing is for certain; wherever Ezra and Thrawn were taken, the location isn't obvious or easily accessible. If this were the case, his friends would have found him.

Of course, it's also possible that Ezra did wind up somewhere with available means of communication, but chose not to contact anyone so as not to give Thrawn any loopholes to escape.

But if Ezra is still where the Purrgil carried him, we expect Ahsoka to feature a new location unlike any other.

Rebels featured strong spiritual elements, so it would be great to see a planet akin to Mortis, a location we encounter in Clone Wars.

Did Ezra and Thrawn Survive?

Are Ezra and Thrawn Alive
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Before delving too deeply into Ezra's location, one might wonder; is it even possible for him and Thrawn to survive? Ahsoka confirms that it's possible.

For years, the answer to this question was ambiguous. Sure, Ahsoka and Sabine seem to believe Ezra is alive, hence they're looking for him.

But there was no proof that they were correct, until the trailer for Ahsoka confirmed Thrawn's return as 'Heir to the Empire."

The trailer additionally features Sabine looking at a hologram of Ezra, but this isn't necessarily a new one; it could be his last transmission to his friends before getting lost into hyperspace.

Thrawn's return means that Ezra failed to keep him in check. Does this suggest that Ezra is dead?

We think this would be an unceremonious end for his character, plus, it would render Sabine's quest useless.

Until we have any proof of the opposite, we would presume that Ezra is alive. His strength with the Force means that he could withstand the Purrgil's jump into hyperspace.

His whereabouts, however, are for Ahsoka to explore.

What Does the Future Hold for the Main Characters?

What Does the Future Hold for the Main Rebels Characters
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Despite Ezra's devastating loss, most other main characters get relatively happy endings.

Hera continues her work as a rebel pilot; if you watch Rogue One, you can get a glimpse of Chopper and the Ghost, and even hear a character calling to her.

Moreover, the Ghost crew has an additional member; Hera and Kanan's son, Jacen.

Hera and her son
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Sabine spent some time defending Lothal, thinking this was Ezra's wish but she has a little more work ahead to find her own way in life.

Ahsoka is likely going to explore her quest to find Ezra and bring him home.

In the end of Rebels, Zeb takes Kallus to the the planet where the Lasat are still thriving.

The former agent of the Empire finds out that he didn't end the Lasat species; in fact, he's welcome to stay with them!

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