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Ahsoka Fans React to That Jaw-Dropping Sabine Wren Retcon

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Sabine Wren
Credit: Lucasfilm

Sabine Wren is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Ahsoka series and since the show started, it was obvious that Lucasfilm has been toying with the idea of giving the beloved Star Wars Rebels character a major retcon.

When it was revealed that Sabine used to be Ahsoka Tano's apprentice, it quickly spawned questions surrounding her potential to use the Force. Previous episodes offered viewers a few teases but apart from those, it still remains a mystery whether or not she's actually gifted with the ability.

Now, it looks like Star Wars is indeed giving Sabine a major upgrade as Episode 6 seemingly confirmed what we all suspected about the character.

Ahsoka: Star Wars Fans are Generally Thrilled with Sabine Wren's Jedi Twist

Sabine Jedi
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Credit: Lucasfilm

The sixth episode, titled "Far, Far Away" finally brought the Nightsisters to live-action and their arrival seemed to have signaled a massive change to the galaxy. After meeting up with Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, and Shin Hati who successfully traversed through hyperspace, the group immediately sensed something in Sabine whom they deemed "dangerous".

According to the Nightsisters, Sabine "reeks of Jedi" and this obviously suggests that she was Force-sensitive all this time. In the episode, Sabine once again tries her ability to wield it but to no avail.

Following the episode, fans quickly stormed X (formerly Twitter) to react to that massive twist. And for the most part, it looks like the entire galaxy is ready for Sabine's emergence as a Mandalorian Jedi. Check out some of the posts here:

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It'll be interesting to see if the last two episodes of Ahsoka will actually pull the trigger and show Sabine using the Force. Until she's able to utilize it, we can't say for sure if she's actually a Jedi but if the franchise is indeed going the route, it would definitely be cool to see a Mandalorian Jedi in live-action.


The sixth episode of Ahsoka is now available to stream on Disney+.

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