Adam Sandler Confirms Happy Gilmore Sequel at Netflix

Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler has confirmed that the beloved '90s golf comedy Happy Gilmore will finally get a sequel.

Sandler wants to bring many of the original cast members back in meaningful ways, and he is currently writing the script for the movie.

Speaking with Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show, Sandler discussed how far along the project is.

Happy Gilmore 2 appears to be in production at Netflix, where the actor signed a reported $250 million renewal deal in 2020; Sandler said, "Netflix is excited about it".

The pair also joked about Christopher McDonald, who played Shooter McGavin in the original, leaking details he shouldn't have in March this year.

"He texted me after the fact, 'By the way, that thing you told me not to talk about, I talked about.' I said, 'Oh, that's good news.' All I did was tell him, see, I did standup, I did a comedy special, and a lot of my buddies came by, and Shooter was one of them, and I said, 'Dude, we've been talking about a Happy 2, and we're working on some stuff.' That's all I told Shooter.

"I said, 'But don't tell anybody. Don't tell anybody.' And then he, you know, he kept it mostly private. He told a couple of DJs about it. They usually are great at secrets, don't you think?"

McDonald also reprised the role of Shooter in the 2020 video game PGA Tour 2K21.

Happy Gilmore 2 has no release date at the time of writing, but based on the actors' comments and the streaming giants' agreement, it will likely debut on Netflix over a traditional theatrical release.

The original 1996 movie Happy Gilmore starred Adam Sandler in the title roles, as well as Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, and Carl Weathers.

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