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Isekai Anime A Journey Through Another World Announced, Coming in 2024

A Journey Through Another World Allen
Credit: Shizuru Minazuki / Alphapolis / A Journey Through Another World Production Committee

There are already lots of isekai shows scheduled to premiere in 2024, and now, another one has been confirmed. The isekai series A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring was just announced, and it will be released in 2024.

This anime’s reveal was made via its newly launched official website and X (formerly Twitter) account. There, the show’s main staff members were revealed, as well as its first two cast members.

At the show’s helm is a notable anime director who worked on many shows over the years, including last year’s Beast Tamer anime.

Beast Tamer Director to Helm New Isekai Anime Series

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2023 saw lots of isekai shows getting released, and this won’t change anytime soon. After all, fans will see more isekai anime in 2024, including My Instant Death Ability and Tales of Wedding Rings, among others.

Soon, A Journey Through Another World will also premiere, and it will be directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa.

He is an anime industry veteran who is best known for directing the fantasy anime Beast Tamer, which aired last year. Along with this, Nigorikawa has also worked on shows like Naruto, Black Lagoon, and Kimi ni Todoke.

As for its cast, the first two VAs have been revealed. The first is Aina Suzuki who will voice Allen. Suzuki is the voice actress of Mari Ohara in Yohane the Parhelion and Jashin-chan in Dropkick on My Devil!

Joining her is Miharu Hanai as Elena. Hanai is best known as the VA of Twin Turbo in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby and Shiori Yamaga in Selection Project.

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A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring Anime Coming in 2024

Instead of being an action-heavy power fantasy isekai, A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring features a more lighthearted story.

The series follows Takumi who is reborn and summoned into another world. There, Takumi finds a young boy and girl in a forest, and he soon decides to take care of them.

Despite being tiny kids, the twins are incredibly powerful and can defeat monsters with their bare hands. Thus, Takumi registers in a guild to go on adventures with his two kids.

This upcoming anime will be made by studio EMT Squared, which also worked on Beast Tamer, as well as shows like Drugstore in Another World and Shoot! Goal to the Future.

A Journey Through Another World will be released sometime in 2024, though there’s no word yet on a release window for it.

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