Yandere vs. Tsundere: Which Character Type Is Better?

Yandere vs Tsundere Which Character Type Is Better Tohsaka Rin

Yandere vs Tsundere Which Character Type Is Better Tohsaka Rin

In anime, you might have noticed that there are a lot of character types, especially when it comes to how people treat the person they are closest to or interested in. The most popular character archetypes are yandere and tsundere, but what is the difference between the two, and which one is better?

It was originally called "deredere" which means lovestruck. This is how the four character types, namely, tsundere, kuudere, yandere, and dandere, came about.

These four archetypes explain how characters act or behave toward their love interest in anime and video games.

However, in this article, we will focus on the two most popular dere types, specifically, yandere and tsundere.

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Yandere Explained

Yandere Explained
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Yandere is described as a character whose love, devotion, and admiration lead to extreme possessiveness and obsession. They are those characters who are crazily in love with and would never let go of their love interest.

What makes them unique is that they are willing to do immoral and disturbing actions just to have their love interest.

They do not care about the consequences or what other people will say because the only thing that matters to them is their own emotions.

It is important to note that there are two personality types under yandere: love trope and shock trope.

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Yandere - Love Trope

Yandere girl
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Love trope focuses on building a stronger and more permanent bond with their love interest.

Yandere - Shock Trope

Yandere with weapon
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Meanwhile, the shock trope’s behaviors are more focused on their insecurity regarding their feelings or the relationship.

Characters who are considered yandere are often depicted with weapons. They also have hugely drawn pupils especially when they are with their love interest.

Most yandere-type characters developed their unique behavior due to trauma from losing someone they love or getting rejected.

This usually explains why they become obsessed with their love interests.

Tsundere Explained

Tsundere Explained
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Tsundere characters are those who act hostile, cold, and rude to hide their caring and warm feelings toward their love interest.

The term "tsundere" was derived from the word “tsuntsun” which means grumpy or irritable.

Those under this character type are known for their harsh exterior, but their personalities eventually change and soften as the story goes on.

They like to pretend that they are not interested in their love interest even if they're already head over heels in love with them.

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Tsundere angry
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They usually do caring stuff for their love interest but would make excuses just to save face.

They are not honest with themselves and refuse to listen to what others say. They are also prideful as they usually come from a legitimate place of power.

While some might think they just play hard to get, tsundere characters are usually like that because they want to be sure that they truly have feelings for the person they like.

Although, in some cases, the tsundere still acts harshly toward their love interest even if they already confessed.

It might be because the tsundere fears they will no longer be as attractive as before if they become completely kindhearted.

Tsundere class
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There are four main tsundere types:

  • The Oujudere – This type almost always denies their romantic traits but their feelings are exposed whenever their love interest is taken away from them.
  • The One With a Tragic Past – This type is usually hot-blooded because of their past and they struggle to express themselves in a calm manner. Since they do not want to get hurt, they think it is better for them to act harshly instead.
  • The Disciplined – This type comes from a position of power, like a son or daughter of a rich family or the student council president. They follow rules strictly and punish others (even their love interest) if they do not follow the rules.
  • The Wolf – This type refuses to be honest with what they feel. They like to judge their love interest and attack them whenever they get a chance.

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Which Is Better: Yandere or Tsundere?

Which Is Better Yandere or Tsundere
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While both have their own negative sides, yandere can be dangerous. They can hurt and even kill other people for their love interest, which is typically not the type of partner anyone wants to have.

So, between yandere and tsundere, a tsundere is better.

Although tsundere can be difficult to handle because of their pride and harsh personalities, they can soften up and change over time.

Their love interest will just have to get used to their rude side first before they get to meet their sweet and calmer side.

Yandere and tsundere are popular character archetypes that add color to the anime world with their unique antics.

It's also entertaining to see how their love interest deals with them and how their relationship evolves throughout the story.

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