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Ya Boy Kongming! Compilation Film Releases in March With Brand-New Scenes

Ya Boy Kongming! Compilation Film Eiko

If the recently concluded TV drama isn’t enough for fans, they’ll soon be treated to a new release. It was recently revealed that Ya Boy Kongming! will get a compilation film, which will be screened in Japanese cinemas in March 2024.

Even though it’s essentially a condensed version of last year’s TV anime, it promises to be more than just a simple rewatch. That’s because this upcoming release is confirmed to feature brand-new footage.

Ya Boy Kongming! Movie to Feature Brand-New Performance Scenes

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Anime compilation films aren’t new, as this has been done with lots of shows over the years. Just recently, the Netflix 3DCG series Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 got a compilation movie screening in Japan.

Then there’s Bocchi the Rock!, which will get a two-part compilation movie release next year, complete with a clever title.

The next anime to get the same treatment is Ya Boy Kongming!, the show by P.A. Works (Skip and Loafer, Shirobako) that got a lot of attention last year thanks to its incredibly catchy opening and unique story.

Most compilation films don’t really add anything new as they’re just condensed versions of an anime series. That won’t be the case with Ya Boy Kongming! as the new release will feature new performance footage.

These scenes promise to expand on the anime’s performance sequences, and it’s confirmed that these new scenes are made specifically for this upcoming release.

Even though they won’t impact the story much, the new scenes should make them a compelling watch for fans who already finished the first season.

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Ya Boy Kongming! Compilation Film to Release in March 2024

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Officially titled Ya Boy Kongming! Road to Summer Sonia, this compilation film will combine all 12 episodes of the anime’s first season. Alongside its announcement, a teaser for the compilation film was released.

The teaser may not feature new footage, but it did confirm the return of Ryotaro Okiayu (Kokushibo in Demon Slayer) and Kaede Hondo (Maple in Bofuri) as Kongming and Eiko, respectively.

You can check out the teaser here:

The Ya Boy Kongming! movie version will be released in Japanese cinemas on March 1, 2024. There’s no info on international release plans for this film yet.

In the meantime, anime fans can watch the show’s first season right now on HIDIVE.

As for Season 2, there’s no announcement yet regarding a continuation despite the anime’s breakout success last year.

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