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XO, Kitty: Who is The ‘Baby’ Yuri Keeps Texting?

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for XO, Kitty. Read at your own risk!

XO, Kitty just came out on Netflix and we’re sure you’re wondering, who is the ‘baby’ Yuri keeps texting?

In XO, Kitty Episode 1, Yuri (portrayed by Gia Kim) is seen sending selfies and texts to this mystery ‘Baby’ instead of paying attention to the paparazzi.

While the XO, Kitty trailer led many to believe that it was Dae she was texting constantly for updates, here’s who ‘Baby’ Yuri actually keeps texting.

XO, Kitty: Why Does Yuri Keep Texting and Calling ‘Baby’ Throughout The Series?

Yuri texting 'Baby' in XO Kitty Episode 1
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Credit: Netflix
Yuri texting 'Baby' in XO Kitty Episode 1

XO, Kitty Episode 1 introduces Yuri Han, the daughter of KISS principal Jina Lim (Yunjin Kim) and her father President Sung-Jin Han (Lee Hyung-Chul) of Han Hotel franchise.

Yuri is the ‘IT’ girl of KISS, partly because of her parents for being prominent public figures.

The first time we saw her vulnerable was when she got into her car and started texting this person she saved in her contacts as ‘Baby.’

In the first episode, she sent ‘Baby’ a quick selfie with the caption, ‘See you soon.’

Soon after, she began being a bit obsessive with how this ‘Baby’ hasn’t even replied to her earlier text, leading her to continuously send messages out of anxiety.

Alas, her efforts remained in vain since she kept being left on ‘Delivered’ by this ‘Baby.’

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All we could assume who this ‘Baby’ is was from her brief description when Kitty asked if Yuri had been seeing someone in the summer before returning to KISS:

“I’ve been hanging out with somebody this summer, but it’s not serious.”

When Kitty kept on persistently asking the ‘Whys’ behind this not-so-serious relationship, Yuri dropped the topic by telling Kitty off for being too intrusive.

Eventually, when Episode 2 came, the person saved on Yuri’s contacts was revealed.

The moment Yuri had to start pretending to date Dae at the party, the first question she asked the other students was, “Do you know where Juliana is?”

The fact that the students admitted not receiving any replies from Juliana led Yuri to call her, only for the series to reveal Yuri’s screen.

Yuri pressed on ‘Baby’ after telling her classmates she was going to call Juliana, revealing that it was her girl friend she had been texting and calling all day.

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XO, Kitty: The Person Behind ‘Baby’ Explained

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So, why did Yuri keep on calling Juliana? Why was Juliana saved as ‘Baby’ on her contacts when she’s clearly (pretend) dating Dae?

As it turns out, Juliana’s parents picked up on why she and Yuri had been sneaking around. This drove her parents to send Juliana to Oakham, someplace far, far away from Seoul.

Yuri kept blaming herself for being the reason why Juliana gets sent away, but Juliana reassured her that she was not to blame.

Instead, Juliana comforted Yuri for using Dae to distract the paparazzi away from the rumors between them.

Juliana reminded her of their dream date that they will soon come to Iceland on New Years’ Eve to watch the northern lights without being afraid to be with each other in public.

Well, Episode 1 pretty much laid out the clues.

In case you didn’t notice, Yuri’s mother confronted her about having an intimate relationship with her friend Juliana, as Juliana’s housekeeper caught them doing more than just embracing in their room.

Refusing to confirm this news, Yuri bluntly told her mother they were just friends, which led to spreading another lie and that is that the date she’s been sneaking around with all summer was Dae, not Juliana.

While Yuri confirmed she’s a Lesbian because of her secret relationship with Juliana, it wasn’t until Episode 2 that she first came out to Dae about being gay.

And it wasn’t until Episode 9 when Yuri finally came out to her parents and her friends. She moved out of her parents’ house and moved in with Dae, Kitty, and the others at the school dorm.

XO, Kitty: Does Yuri End Up With Juliana In The End?

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Now, the question is, does Yuri end up with Juliana in the end?

Yuri managed to move back into her home where her mother had Juliana come fly back home so they could be together.

By the end of Episode 10, the season finale, Yuri welcomed Juliana back at the airport with her warmest embrace after months of being away from one another.

You can now stream all episodes of XO, Kitty on Netflix!

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