X-Men '97 Episode 6 Reveals the Culprit Behind the Attack on Genosha

X-Men '97 episode 6
Credit: Marvel Animation

X-Men '97 episode 6
Credit: Marvel Animation

The recently-aired episode 6 of X-Men '97 titled "Lifedeath - Part 2" revealed the villain behind the attack on Genosha in last week's episode.

The fifth episode got a lot of fans reeling as it saw the devastating attack on Genosha that resulted in the death of several characters including Gambit and Magneto.

Since then, fans have been speculating and theorizing which character might be responsible for the attack and now the recent episode has given us the answer that we've been waiting for.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for X-Men '97 Episode 6, so proceed with caution.

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X-Men '97 Episode 6 Reveals Mister Sinister is Behind the Genosha Attack

X-Men '97
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Credit: Marvel Animation

The final scene of the episode saw a guilty Bolivar Trask running away from a mysterious figure and pleading to stop taunting him.

The mysterious figure turns out to be Mister Sinister, the mastermind behind the attack on Genosha. He previously appeared in the third episode earlier this season.

It was revealed that Sinister manipulated Trask to activate the Master Mold that led to the attack. He also said that it was just the "beginning of a prologue" of his bigger plan. This sets him up as the big baddie of the first season.

Some fans have speculated that Cassandra Nova might be behind the attack given that she was the culprit in the source material. However, as it turns out, it was the villain that we already met in an earlier episode.

It is curious to see how it all unfolds since it is pretty clear that Mister Sinister is brewing a dangerous and deadly plan against the X-Men in the upcoming episodes.

New episodes of X-Men '97 premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.

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