Will There Be a Season 2 of Wonder Egg Priority? Here's What We Expect to Happen After Season 1 Ends

Credit: CloverWorks

Credit: CloverWorks

With a rating of 8.30/10 on MyAnimeList, Wonder Egg Priority is one of the most memorable and well-received anime that were aired this winter. We're currently halfway through the 12-episode show, so naturally, many fans wonder whether a second season is in the cards.

June 2021 Update: Will There Be a Season 2 Following the Special?

The Wonder Egg Priority Special answered some questions, but what it did best was get fans talking about a Season 2. While such an update hasn't be made by the studio or the creators, the Special did leave as with questions. We will update with more information if any more Wonder Egg content is announced.

Wonder Egg Priority is a psychological fantasy anime with horror and shojo ai elements about four girls who each lost a loved one to suicide. By day, they're everyday 14-year old schoolgirls but by night they are transported to nightmarish worlds where they become magical girls of sorts, protecting people who committed suicide from their worst fears. In releasing them, they come closer to releasing the ones they lost.

So far, the anime has dealt with taboo topics in a sensitive, relatable way. Add a great opening theme and stunning visuals, and there is no wonder why fans already want more!

Unfortunately, a second season has not been confirmed yet, so we can only speculate. What we do know, is that Wonder Egg Priority, -currently aired in Funimation and Hulu - is an original anime, with no manga or light novel. This can be both good and bad; good because the creators aren't restricted by any source material and could potentially expand if they wanted, bad because we don't have any proof that a second season is feasible.

Then again – to be honest – I'm not sure how well the second season of Wonder Egg Priority would work unless it's already been planned. A large driving force in the first season's plot, is Ai's desire to discover the truth about her best friend's suicide. The other girls' loved ones have also died under mysterious circumstances. With most of the girl's loved ones freed by episode 12 - whatever "freed" means in the world of Wonder Egg - the show could potentially be in danger of falling into a "monster of the week" format.

Thinking back to shows like Wonder Egg Priority such as AnoHana, Angel Beats! and Madoka Magika which are also concerned with teenagers and the way they navigate death, grief, and mental illness, it seems that a 12-episode format, small as it is, works well with this type of anime.

Sure, such anime always leave us wanting more, but they also remain what they were intended to be – a punch. Wonder Egg Priority is one of these shows that is less concerned with horror and fighting as such, and more with much-needed social commentary. The shocking elements would lose some of their significance if we were to become too used to them.

When the show ended - rather unsatisfyingly if beautifully - CloverWorks immediately announced a Wonder Egg PrioritySpecial. This is supposed to conclude the show, making a season 2 rather unlikely. On the other hand, resolving all four main characters' arcs in just one more episode does seem difficult to imagine. It really all boils down to whether the creators intended to wrap it up now, or if they planned a second season all along. For the moment, it looks like they won't, so it remains for the Special to give us some much-needed answers.

Whether or not there's a season 2, here are a few anime like Wonder Egg Priority you should start watching.

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