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Why Umbrella Academy Graphic Novels are Impossible to Find Right Now

Umbrella Academy is another smash success for Netflix and is proof that the service will always be home to quality content. The show manages to adapt Gerard Way's beloved comic book and puts a spin on certain events, making it a treat for both newbies and old-school fans. Unsurprisingly, this has made people want to check out the graphic novels and they are now really hard to find.

According to Bleeding Cool, comic book shops anticipated the fact that people would get interested in these after the show and stocked up on Umbrella Academy graphic novels. However, even with store owners prepared, the graphic novels ran out and now they have to restock as the demand for these increases.

Even the single issues are harder to find now, including the recent series Hotel Oblivion. It seems like retailers underestimated how popular this show was going to become and that's great news for the original creators. There will probably be more reprints of these issues in the future, though collectors won't like them as much.

Those who haven't checked the show out should really give Umbrella Academy a lot. It has a ton of unique characters and interesting scenarios that will stick with you. The entirety of season one is now available on Netflix.

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