Ben Affleck Fury: Batman Actor Doesn't Approve Of Jennifer Garner's Engagement?

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Credit: CommuniTV/YouTube Screenshot

Rumors are circulating the internet that Ben Affleck does not approve of ex-wife Jennifer Garner's engagement to her boyfriend because of his plans to get married. Ex-couple Ben and Jennifer have long moved on from their divorce and are both in very happy relationships right now.

Jennifer Garner has been dating John Miller, whom she got quietly engaged to in October. While it's all butterflies and rainbow on Garner's side, ex-husband Ben Affleck believes that the actress is stealing his thunder.

Ben Affleck Reportedly Furious At Jennifer Garner


New Idea, as per Gossip Cop, claimed that Ben is furious over Jennifer Garner's recent happy news. The Argo actor, who is dating Jennifer Lopez, believes Garner is stealing his thunder by subtly announcing her engagement via Instagram live.

The news came as a shock to Affleck, apparently who was blindsided by Garner's plans. Though Ben Affleck is also rumored to get engaged with Jennifer Lopez, he allegedly feels like Garner's news has taken the attention away from him and his present ladylove.

Although there is no hard proof that Affleck is furious over Garner's announcement, it would not be a surprise that the actor was unaware of his ex-wife's decision. The ex-couple shares three children and were married for 10 years.

Is Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Getting Married?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have a long-standing history together. The couple previously dated for two years back in 2004 and were even engaged. Unfortunately, the relationship broke down between the two leading to their eventual separation.

Lopez and Affleck rekindled their love affair in 2020 after Lopez called it quits with baseball legend A-rod. The two were quick to get together and soon made their relationship official and public.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are not yet engaged. However, there have been speculations that it will not be for long before they announce that they are.

In an interview with Today, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she is ready to become a bride once more. Currently, Affleck and Lopez are enjoying their romantic relationship, with no diamond rings involved.

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