Who is Ymir Fritz? Attack on Titan Episode 80 Explained

Who is Ymir Fritz? Attack on Titan Episode 80 Explained

Who is Ymir Fritz? Attack on Titan Episode 80 Explained

Episode 80 of Attack on Titan provided arguably the biggest piece of backstory for the whole series! The episode told the origin story of the titans through Ymir Fritz, the blonde girl previously wandering through the Paths.

There is a lot to know about this unassuming character, and it all has a bearing on the series. So, we’re here to explain Ymir Fritz, her origins, and what she means for the story.

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Who is Ymir Fritz?

Who is Ymir Fritz Explained
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Ymir Fritz is, in the simplest terms, the ancestor for the titans. Ymir was the first person to awaken the power of the titans, and after her death, her power was spread across her descendants, now known as Eldians or Subjects of Ymir.

Before any of that, however, Ymir was a young, ordinary girl, living in a small farming village with her family. Only when the village was invaded by Eldians and she was thrown into a life of slavery did things take a turn for the worse.

Is Ymir Fritz the Founding Titan?

Who is Ymir Fritz Founding Titan
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Ymir Fritz was the very first titan, widely referred to as the Founding Titan. However, given her ability was split into all nine titans after her death, her original Founding Titan was much stronger compared to those seen in the show.

At the time of her appearance in episode 80 of the anime, Eren Jaeger is the Founding Titan. However, she still holds the Power of the Titans, allowing her to control their actions in the real world from her place in the Paths.

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How Did Ymir Fritz Get Her Powers?

Who is Ymir Fritz Powers Explained
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Given Attack on Titan’s track record up to this point, it’s unsurprising the story’s ultimate origin is so tragic.

Ymir Fritz was an ordinary farm girl until her village was invaded by Eldians led by King Fritz. Her parents were killed and those that survived, including Ymir, had their tongues cut out and were turned into slaves.

When pigs escaped from their pens, Ymir was blamed by the other slaves. As punishment, she was released into a nearby forest and hunted for sport. Wounded, she hid in a hole at the bottom of a large tree, only to fall through and into a body of water.

In the water, a supposedly spine-like creature fused with her body, causing her to burst through the tree and emerge as the first-ever titan.

How Did Ymir Fritz Die?

Who is Ymir Fritz Death Explained
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Instead of using her newfound power for freedom, Ymir returned to King Fritz and served under him, using her power to turn Eldia into a feared and prosperous nation. She also had three children with King Fritz: Maria, Rose and Sina (whom the walls were named after).

Thirteen years later, she thwarted an assassination attempt on the King by throwing her body in the way, resulting in her death.

After her death, King Fritz fed her corpse to her three daughters, allowing her powers to be passed on. This tradition would be carried out for thousands of years, which resulted in the Eldian population seen in the show today all being her descendants, Subjects of Ymir.

Are There Two Ymirs in Attack on Titan?

Who is Ymir Attack on Titan
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Yes, two very different Ymirs appear in Attack on Titan.

One of the most confusing parts of this story for viewers is the difference between young Ymir Fritz and Ymir, the member of the Survey Corps from season two who also had many titan-related mysteries of her own. However, they are most certainly different people.

While Ymir Fritz dates back 2,000 years, the Ymir from season two is an Eldian living on the streets in ‘present-day’ Marley. She is given the name by a fanatical group that worships Ymir Fritz, who took her in to play the role of fake royalty. However, when the group was found out by authorities, she was turned into a Pure Titan as punishment.

Through good fortune, she manages to not only survive as a mindless titan but also eats Marcel Galliard while he, Reiner, Bertolt and Annie are heading towards Wall Maria. She inherits the Jaw Titan’s powers from him and, as a result, also gains back her human form, which she then uses to infiltrate the walls on Paradis Island. She learns about Historia, then called Krista, and decides to join the military, which is when she appears in the show.

Ymir Fritz holds many of the secrets regarding Attack on Titan’s backstory, but how will the hit series finish? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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