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Who Does Nagi End Up With in A Couple of Cuckoos?

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Who Does Nagi End Up With in A Couple of Cuckoos?

Who does Nagi end up with in A Couple of Cuckoos? Will it still be Erika by the end?

Could it be Sachi Umino, who grew up as Nagi’s sister but developed feelings for him after discovering they are not blood-related?

Maybe it will be Hiro Segawa, Nagi’s classmate, or maybe even Ai Mochizuki, who is in love with Nagi since childhood. There are certainly many contenders!

A Couple of Cuckoos is a romantic comedy anime series that is part of the Spring 2022 anime line-up. It follows Nagi Umino who found out that he was not a biological child of the family he was living with.

Nagi got into an engagement with Erika Amano, who was trying to escape her own arranged marriage. While it might seem that the two will eventually fall in love, other female characters are introduced.

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Who Does Nagi End Up With in A Couple of Cuckoos?

Who Does Nagi End Up With in A Couple of Cuckoos? Nagi and Erika
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Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure who Nagi will end up with as the manga is not yet finished.

Fans have their own speculations as to who it will be but until the manga officially declares the ending or even Nagi’s choice, the answer will continue to be unknown.

Each female character is a good potential to be a partner of Nagi. Erika might not be the best choice for some fans as she is a spoiled child with a carefree life but she can be a suitable girl for Nagi as she is caring and is kind towards him.

Sachi can be a good candidate too, considering that she can cook and take care of Nagi. She would do everything she can just to be with him, to the point of following him into his house with Erika.

Hiro, on the other hand, is smart and friendly. She is at the top of her class and even became friends with Erika.

Ai is a popular singer who loves Nagi as well. Although she is not yet introduced in the anime, she is one of the contenders and has the possibility to end up with him.


For now, fans will have to continue to wait and guess who the perfect girl for Nagi should be. Who is your bet?

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