Delicious in Dungeon Inspires Real-Life Craft Cola Collab: Where to Buy

delicious in dungeon cola marcille
Credit: Trigger

delicious in dungeon cola marcille
Credit: Trigger

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We’ve already seen a couple of Delicious in Dungeon crossovers, but this one might just be the most creative. Recently, MotoCola revealed a Delicious in Dungeon craft cola collab you can pre-order now.

While cola isn’t a thing in the anime, this special drink mix is a perfect fit for the series, as it’s inspired by mandrake broth.

Delicious in Dungeon x MotoCola Is an Unexpected Collab

delicious in dungeon cola bottle
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Credit: Ryoko Kui / KADOKAWA / Dungeon Meshi Production Committee

Delicious in Dungeon is the latest anime by Trigger (of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners fame), and it continues to get new episodes this season following its premiere in winter 2024.

Thanks to its popularity, the series has already crossed over to the real world through special exhibitions, merch collaborations, and recipes fans can use to recreate food from the show.

Now, the anime has inspired another real-world consumable, this time in the form of a craft cola named Mandra Cola as it’s patterned after mandrake broth.

This new Delicious in Dungeon cola isn’t like your modern-day soda. Instead, it’s an old-school cola syrup you add to carbonated water for a refreshing drink.

What’s also interesting is that you can mix this with hot water, and even milk or yogurt. Yes, a hot cola drink is a real thing that some people drink.

The thing that gives it a Delicious in Dungeon flavor is its packaging. The craft cola comes in what looks like a potion bottle, complete with a blue wax seal.

Plus, it features artwork of Marcille and the other main characters on the label.

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What Is in the Delicious in Dungeon-Branded Cola?

delicious in dungeon cola milk
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Credit: Ryoko Kui / KADOKAWA / Dungeon Meshi Production Committee

As a craft cola mix, this product is made with natural ingredients.

According to the store page, it is made with cane sugar, lemon juice, lemon peel, orange pulp, ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla beans, and bamboo charcoal.

Given this, the drink’s taste will probably be like a spicier version of Coke, that is if you mix it with carbonated water.

Mixing it with milk is no doubt going to give an interesting flavor, though that may not be for everyone.

Where to Buy the Delicious in Dungeon Craft Cola

delicious in dungeon cola hot water
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Credit: Ryoko Kui / KADOKAWA / Dungeon Meshi Production Committee

For Delicious in Dungeon fans who want to give the drink a try, the special craft cola collab is available for pre-order now on the MotoCola website. It will then be released in Japan in mid-May 2024.

The bottle is 200ml in size, and it is priced at 2,980 JPY or around 20 USD. As with many anime collabs though, this will only be shipped in Japan.

What other Delicious in Dungeon collabs would you like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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