Where to Start Reading Call of the Night After the Anime

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Where to Read Call of the Night After the Anime Nazuna
Credit: Liden Films

After 13 beautiful nights, Kou and Nazuna decided to continue their strange relationship despite the threats it poses. Their nightly adventures may have ended in the anime but not in the manga, so this is where viewers should start reading the Call of the Night manga.

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How Much of Call of the Night Did the Anime Cover?

As of writing, the anime had covered nearly five volumes of the Call of the Night manga.

The manga's first volume began with Chapter 1's "Song of the Night Walkers," whereas Volume 1 ended with Chapter 8’s "A Lot Came Out".

The manga's second volume begins with Chapter 9's "What Are Your Intentions, Nanakusa Nazuna?" and concludes with "Just Take the Fun Option" in Chapter 18.

Furthermore, the manga's third volume depicts Chapter 19's "I'm Helping Someone" and concludes with Chapter 29's "Unfair".

The manga's fourth volume begins with Chapter 30's "Call Me Akkun" and concludes with Chapter 39's "You're Going to Die As a Human".

The Call of the Night anime adaptation reached its climax at this point, with Kou witnessing the death of a reclusive vampire at the hands of Anko.

Volume 5 of the Call of the Night manga was not completely covered in the anime.

It starts with "Not Bad, Surprisingly" in Chapter 40 and ends with "Let's Get Along" in Chapter 46.

In the anime, Kou resolves his situation and decides to continue falling in love with Nazuna.

Where to Read Call of the Night After the Anime

Where to Read Call of the Night After the Anime Nazuna and Kou
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Credit: Liden Films

Viewers should begin reading from Chapter 47 because the anime covers at least until Call of the Night Volume 5, Chapter 46.

The Call of the Night finale focused on Kou's encounter with Nazuna's fellow vampire, Hatsuka.

When Kou arrived at his house, he discovered that Hatsuka is a guy who dresses like a girl.

They also discussed Kou's indecision about becoming Nazuna's offspring, as well as Hatsuka's desire to turn him into a vampire himself.

Hatsuka believes he understands Kou's feelings better than Nazuna because he is a guy like him, but Kou disagrees.

Nazuna, on the other hand, met with Niko and the other vampires to warn them that if Kou decided not to become a vampire, they should back off.

After all, if Nazuna couldn't turn Kou into a vampire, Niko and the others were going to kill Kou.

Kou's realizations about his relationship with Nazuna bring the 13th night to a close.

Fortunately, he has decided to keep trying to be Nazuna's offspring.

Now, Kou's motivation is to not bore Nazuna with her life by trying something new every night they spend together!

Where to Read the Call of the Night Manga


As of writing, the Call of the Night manga has 14 volumes, with 11 currently available in English.

Manga readers can follow Kou and Nazuna's relationship through the Call of the Night paperback and digital editions.

The Call of the Night manga is available in paperback through VIZ Media's official distribution partners such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, RightStuf, Walmart, and Comic Shops.

On the other hand, digital editions of the Call of the Night manga can be purchased on Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, and Nook.

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