Where is Crosshair in The Bad Batch Season 3? His Potential Redemption Arc Explored

where is crosshair bad batch season 3
Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

where is crosshair bad batch season 3
Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

Where is Crosshair in The Bad Batch Season 3? The last time Omega saw him was strapped by the Empire, as his captor claimed he was "recovering" after refusing to cooperate. But where is he now ahead of the series finale? Let's find out.

Where is Crosshair Shown in The Bad Batch Season 3?

Crosshair may have been an antagonist since The Bad Batch season 1, but surely, the series finale would leave room for his redemption arc, no?

While the end of season 2 left fans hanging with Omega's capture, the aftermath of Tech's seemingly confirmed death, as well as Crosshair's status in Dr. Hemlock's eyes, where is he in the upcoming season?

Crosshair has been quite firm in standing his ground that a clone's main goal is to "follow orders" and maintain his loyalty to the Empire, which has been tested throughout the second season.

However, one of the latest clip previews sees him being detained in his own prison cell, with Omega sneaking out to have a little chat with him. Why is that?

This was right after he couldn't tell the Empire about the Bad Batch's location, let alone know where his squad was since he left them to serve his position as a soldier.

Not to mention, at the time, his faith and trust in the Empire had slowly begun to crumble given his discovery of how little they cared for the clones.

Even though we know little about his future in The Bad Batch season 3, the trailer did sprinkle some bits of reuniting with his old squad, which would lean on his highly anticipated redemption arc in this final season.

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What Will Happen to Crosshair in the Series Finale?

Despite Crosshair's betrayal of the Bad Batchers, Omega still trusted him and looked up to him like a brother and a friend.

What remains to be seen is how the squad could bring him back into the group after everything he has done since they last saw each other.

The main thing about their conversation in the preview is how Crosshair seems to have lost all hope in his escape and redemption with the Bad Batchers, but Omega emulates the exact opposite of his resolve.

Instead of telling Omega what he feels about their current situation of impending doom, he warns her, "Not every clone is your ally. You trust too easily."

Omega responds with a stronger demeanor, "Maybe you don't trust enough."

We'll have to see once Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 premieres its first three episodes on February 21 on Disney+.

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