When Will Peacock Streaming Service Come Out in the UK?

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Credit: Peacock

Peacock, the recently-launched US streaming service operated by the relevant NBC Universal division, is one more proof that video streaming services, as the main way to watch our favorite shows and films, are here to stay. But as is the case with many similar streaming platforms, American viewers had it first. So, when is Peacock coming to the UK?

When Will Peacock Streaming Service Come Out in the UK
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Credit: BBC

Gone are the days of piled-up DVDs, as streaming becomes the most common means of watching literally everything, for better or for worse. Many DVD hoarders dislike this shift, but while disks are still available, they're becoming less common, and most TV fans and cinephiles have accepted the fact that at least one subscription to a streaming service might be the most convenient way to enjoy their favorite TV Shows and movies consistently.

Moreover, there's strong competition among the various video-streaming websites and services, as each strives to feel indispensable by enriching their online libraries, often creating original content or acquiring fan-favorites exclusively.

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Credit: Lionsgate

Already, Peacock is home to many celebrated TV shows such as Downton Abbey and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The platform is also hosting a wide selection of films including The Godfather trilogy and the Harry Potter series while it's currently the best place to watch The Hunger Games films. It is also a place to watch sports and the news.

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The above, make the new platform quite attractive, so streaming platform users outside of the US will likely be interested in it. While there is no official launch date, it has been confirmed that Peacock will become available in the UK and Europe in the latter half of 2021. Europeans will therefore be able to access it within the next three months.

For UK customers who use Sky or Now for tv, Peacock will be available without extra cost. Millions of UK viewers will therefore be able to access it for free, while Sky Ticket will make Peacock available in Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy.


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