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When Was Blue Beetle Created? All You Need to Know

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All About Blue Beetle
Credit: DC

Are you excited about the DC superhero movie Blue Beetle? If you would like to find out more about this lesser-known comic, find out when Blue Beetle was created and other information about the comics and the character!

What Is the Blue Beetle Movie All About?

The August 2023 DC movie Blue Beetle will follow the character of Jaime Reyes (played by Xolo Maridueña). the third person to become the superhero known as "Blue Beetle."

The movie will focus on his life post-graduation when he goes back to his hometown in Palmera City.

Soon after his return, he receives a box containing a blue robotic beetle.

He finds out the hard way that an ancient alien relic has chosen him as its symbiotic host, granting him a powerful exoskeleton armor that transforms him into the titular Blue Beetle.

When Was Blue Beetle First Created?

When Was Blue Beetle First Created
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Credit: DC

Jaime isn't the first Blue Beetle. The superhero with the scarab exoskeleton armor has been around for decades, having made his first appearance as early as 1939 -- a golden age for superhero comics.

However, the character of Blue Beetle wasn't always part of DC, even though DC has been around since the 1930s.

Blue Beetle first appeared in comics by several publishers including Fox Comics, Holyoke Comics, and Charlton Comics.

DC owns the rights to Blue Beetle since 1983, nearly 50 years since the character first appeared, and they've featured three different characters with this name and abilities.

Jaime Reyes, the protagonist of the 2023 Blue Beetle movie, first appears in a 2006 comic.

Who Made Blue Beetle?

Who Made Blue Beetle
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Credit: DC

The most commonly credited creator that put in most of the creative input is Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski (1921-1985).

It should be noted that "Charles Nicholas," is also the pseudonymous house name for a collective of three early comic book creators; Chuck Cuidera, Jack Kirby, and Charles Wojtkoski, all of whom have worked on Blue Beetle.

The latter reportedly came up with Blue Beetle at a very young age and sold the rights to support his family.

Wojtoski has also worked on some early Captain America comics.

Who Was the First Blue Beetle?

First Blue Beetle
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Credit: DC

The first Blue Beetle was named Dan Garrett (also spelled Dan Garret). His debut was in August 1939.

Dan Garrett was the son of a police officer who got killed by a criminal while on duty.

Unlike many other superheroes, Garrett didn't originally have a dramatic and painful transformation story.

Instead, he simply wore a bulletproof blue costume that protected him from harm and consumed super vitamins that temporarily enhanced his abilities.

Garrett appeared in several versions of the comic by different publishers.

It wasn't until the 1960s, when Blue Beetle got published by Charlton Comics, that Blue Beetle became akin to the superhero we know today, with the help of a blue scarab.

When DC acquired Blue Beetle, Garrett's story was rebooted, with his origin story retold.

Blue Beetle's supernatural origins came to the forefront as DC used the infamous alien scarab to bring him back to life - and face-to-face with his successor.

How Many Blue Beetles Are There?

How Many Blue Beetles Are There
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Credit: DC

In total, three characters have donned the mantle of Blue Beetle since the concept was born; Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and, of course, Jaime Reyes, who is the main focus of the 2023 film.

Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, who succeeded Dan Garrett, was originally created by Steve Ditko.

Ditko is best known for co-creating Spider-man as well as for creating Dr. Strange.

Ted Kord also predates DC's acquisition of Blue Beetle, having debuted in works published by Charlton Comics.

He studied under Dan Garret, and upon Garret's death, Ted Kord was charged with adopting the Blue Beetle alter ego.

Once again, Kord was not as closely related to superpowers and mystical elements as we're used to because Garrett failed to pass the mythical scarab (a later addition) on to him.

How Did Blue Beetle Become Blue Beetle?

How Did Blue Beetle Become Blue Beetle
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Credit: DC

As we explain above, Blue Beetle was initially associated with fighting crime while wearing specific blue gear. Before DC acquired the rights to the character, however, he wasn't as closely associated with the supernatural.

At this point, there are as many Blue Beetle origin stories as there are Blue Beetle retellings.

The story and transformation of Jaime Reyes', the third Blue Beetle is the only one unambiguously tied in with the alien scarab.

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