What's Going On With Video Game Streamers and Fansly?

The Fansly Drama Explained 3
Credit: Amazon

The Fansly Drama Explained 3
Credit: Amazon

Big-name video game streamers, like Ludwig, have been making headlines of late for their relationship with Fansly, an adult content platform in the general vein and style of OnlyFans. Many content creators get sponsored by Fansly to create content, and some are worried that it's unethical, immoral, or hypocritical to push adult content to young audiences that oftentimes have lots of minors within them.

So, in this article, we'll tell you all about what's going on with video game streamers and Fansly.

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The Fansly Drama Explained

The Fansly Drama Explained
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Credit: Fansly

Put simply, the drama began when popular streamers like QTCinderella, Ludwig, and xQc came under fire for partnering and working with Fansly.

The basic criticism is as follows: These popular streamers have large followings of young adults and minors, as well as operate on platforms that don't allow or support the kind of explicit sexual content available on sites like Fansly or OnlyFans, so some argue that being sponsored by a company like Fansly to do advertising is unethical or, at least, inappropriate.

While we don't exactly have data on the specific breakdown of the ages of the fans of these streamers, it is fair to say that all of them likely have large adult followings, but it's also fair to say that there are almost certainly lots of underage folks who like and enjoy content from these major creators, too.

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It is also true that OnlyFans and Fansly are clear that they are 18+ sites, and it is true that this kind of content is largely paywalled as well, but nonetheless, some still find it inappropriate for these influencers to be pushing their audience towards what is, essentially, porn, especially because inevitably these advertisements for sites like Fansly will be seen by some amount of children.

Ultimately, your own personal take on this drama is going to come down to your personal views on porn as well as how much you care about the possibility of a minor being exposed to sexual content. However, there is another side to all of this, too.

Streamers and Adult Content

The Fansly Drama Explained 2
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Another layer to this drama comes down to the nature of being a streamer, especially a gaming streamer, and the relationship streamers have with adult content in general.

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On one hand, porn and all kinds of adult content have existed forever and will always exist. Humans are sexual beings, and once that aspect of their nature gets activated during puberty, it isn't going away, so there's always going to be a market for adult content, regardless of whatever laws and restrictions there are out there, so it can seem silly to oppose adult content advertising.

However, for streamers, this gets a bit murky. For a streaming platform like Twitch, for example, its branding is all about video games. It very much wants to be an all-ages platform that doesn't want to have the reputation of being something like PornHub for streaming.

Though, a platform like Twitch is still absolutely inundated with sexual content that all sort of sits in a gray area when it comes to Twitch's terms of service. At the same time, adult content is extraordinarily popular on streaming platforms, and platforms definitely don't want to miss out on that revenue, either.

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So, there becomes this weird standard where adult content is everywhere in the streamer world, from kissing ASMR streams to hot tub streams to simply streams of sexy women being sexy, but it's kind of frowned at, looked down upon, and not necessarily pushed front and center without actually being forbidden or taken down.

Because streaming platforms like Twitch decline to take a hard stance either in favor of adult content or opposing it, it's become a very murky matter where some content creators are fully in support of it and advertising it openly and casually in a mainstream environment while other content creators find it offensive and inappropriate.

This whole problem is further complicated by the fundamentally young nature of the streaming audience that ranges from teenaged minors to actual young adults as well as the difficulty of getting advertisers to advertise on your site if it's filled with adult content that brands don't necessarily want to be associated with, especially brands that sell things to young people.

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Ultimately, until streaming sites like Twitch take a hard stance either in favor or opposed to adult content, it's hard to judge content creators for supporting it when the platforms they stream on seem to have no problem putting up similarly sexual content, albeit less explicit, on their sites.

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