Does the Princess Have a Name in 'Tis Time for Torture? Explained

time for torture what is the princess called hime

time for torture what is the princess called hime

After much anticipation from the manga’s readers, the fantasy anime ‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess has finally premiered. After the show’s first episode was released, some viewers may be wondering what the princess is called in ‘Tis Time for Torture.

This new series is based on the manga of the same name that’s serialized in Shonen Jump+. It also has a simulpub release in English on Manga Plus.

Even though its name makes it seem like a brutal series, this new show is anything but violent.

'Tis Time for Torture Is Not as Brutal as It Seems

tis time for torture princess hime torture tortura
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This new series by Pine Jam (of Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible fame) does live up to its torturous name, albeit in a different way than some might expect.

Torture is set in a fantasy world where the Imperial Army is locked in a war with the Hellhorde. In the war, the Imperial Army’s princess and her holy sword, Ex, are captured by the opposing side.

With the princess as their prisoner, the Hellhorde aims to get useful information out of her. They can’t use actual torture though, as there is a treaty between the two sides that prohibits this.

Instead, the princess is tortured not through physical harm, but through unusual techniques, mostly related to tempting her with food.

Thus, the anime shows the regular “torture” attempts of the Hellhorde that are often quite hilarious, with the princess being tempted by scrumptious dishes so that she spills Imperial Army secrets.

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‘Tis Time for Torture: What Is the Princess Called?

tis time for torture princess hime
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The princess is voiced by Haruka Shiraishi, a popular VA who is known as the voice of Sara in Mushoku Tensei and Fumino Furuhashi in We Never Learn.

In the anime and the manga, the princess is simply called hime or hime-sama (which means "princess" in Japanese) by the other characters. The first episode of the show did not reveal her name.

Given the show’s gag-focused nature, it’s likely that she’ll be referred to as hime for the season’s entire duration.

The other characters do have interesting names though. For instance, her main torturer is named Torture Tortura, a fitting name despite her unique methods.

Her sword Ex is also short for Excalibur, a legendary sword in the Arthurian cycle.

New episodes of ‘Tis Time for “Torture,” Princess are streamed every week on Crunchyroll in the US and other select regions.

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