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What Happens to Luna Wright in Dr. Stone?

what happened to luna dr stone
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A former resident of the American Colony, Luna Wright is an interesting female character in this sci-fi series. Let’s find out what happened to Luna at the end of Dr. Stone.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Dr. Stone manga.

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Who Is Luna Wright in Dr. Stone?

Before she was petrified, Luna pursued a medical education, granting her a foundation in fundamental medical treatments.

Luna has always desired an intelligent partner, and she is captivated by Senku Ishigami’s intelligence and character.

This leads her to align with the Kingdom of Science, ultimately providing her with the opportunity to date Senku.

Luna is known for her timid nature in Dr. Stone. She is a hardcore romantic, and daydreams of enjoying a carefree life with her partner.

Despite her wealth and influential background, she is aware of her privilege and doesn’t believe in showing it off.

She may appear snobbish, but she values hard work and demonstrates persistence in her medical studies, even repeating failed courses rather than giving up.

What Happened to Luna At the End of Dr. Stone?

After the conclusion of the Dr. Stone manga, a one-shot chapter, titled Terraforming, was released. In this chapter, we get to see Luna reuniting with Senku.

The chapter starts with Senku awakening alone in the middle of an ocean, surrounded by water with no land or ship around.

He has no recollection of how he got there but discovers he had coated his body in oil, providing a basic thermal insulation that delays hypothermia.

Eventually, he comes across Kohaku, Suika, Chrome, and Ukyo. Together, they revive Tsukasa, Sai, Ryusui, Chelsea, Kinro, Yuzuriha, Taiju, and Gen.

Kinro Dr. Stone
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Finally, they manage to make a landfall after being guided by Stanley’s plane.

Upon reaching, Xeno and Luna welcome them as Senku presents the sought-after treasure – the ultra-pure silicon metal, essential for crafting semiconductors.

Senku then goes on to explain his intention to push civilization to new heights by utilizing rare resources from extraterrestrial worlds through terraforming.

The idea appears enticing, and Senku encourages them to get ready for the next adventure.

Luna and Senku will continue to work together as a team for humanity and science.

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Do Luna and Senku End Up Together?

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In Dr. Stone, Luna is Senku’s girlfriend, but for Senku, his relationship with her is purely strategic.

Despite Luna’s genuine attraction, Senku is romantically uninterested and gives her no reason to think otherwise.

Since the Dr. Stone manga is over, it is clear that Senku and Luna do not end up as lovers. But Luna continues to have a special place for Senku in her heart.

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