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Watchmen Producer Gets Honest About the Current State of the MCU

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There is no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe today continues to become bigger now that they've been availed of venturing into television through Disney+. However, its rapid growth has been a subject of concern from some fans who are worried that they might now be leaning more on quantity than quality.

One of the people who have expressed their thoughts about the current state of the MCU is Watchmen showrunner and executive producer Damon Lindelof which he candidly revealed in a recent interview with Variety. While he understands why the franchise is producing more projects from a business standpoint, he has concerns that it will make each of them less special now.

"From a slightly sort of more cynical standpoint, this is a business. It’s an industry. And if you make a couple of great Marvel movies, the instinct is, ‘We need to make more Marvel movies, and we need to expand this.’," Lindelof said. "And I have this sort of interior feeling of like, ‘Wow, I wish they made less because it would make each one that came out a little bit more special. But I watch all of them... People don’t want things to end. I do."

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However, Lindelof wanted to make clear that he "doesn't begrudge" Marvel for trying to keep the franchise going since he himself has also been involved in a lot of projects that are connected to major franchises such as Star Trek and Prometheus.

"I don’t begrudge them the right to keep it going," Lindelof clarified. "I’ve made prequels and sequels and reboots, so I can’t be a hypocrite and say, ‘God, come up with an original idea.’ Meanwhile, I’m making two Star Trek movies and Prometheus."

It is understandable why Lindelof expressed such concerns for the MCU since he is a fan and he doesn't want it to have a decline in quality. Despite his candid comments in the interview, he clarified later on in an Instagram post that he will still watch all Marvel projects and is looking forward to seeing She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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