VALORANT Champions Tour Europe Stage 3 Qualifier Will Be Played on Patch 3.0, KAY/O Disabled

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Riot Games has confirmed that the next stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour in Europe, Middle-East, and Africa will pe played on Patch 3.0. KAY/O, VALORANT's upcoming sixteenth agent, will also be disabled.

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The first qualifier will start on Tuesday, June 29 —a week after the game's Patch 3.0 hits the live servers. Episode 3: Reflection, Act 1, and the new patch were recently revealed in an early access build, revealing the major agent and weapon price changes across the board.

Almost every VALORANT agent is getting some adjustments in the upcoming patch, including significant buffs and nerfs to agents like Jett, Omen, Skye, and Sova. Weapons are also seeing some price changes, with the Operator getting a buff while the the Judge is being nerfed.

The upcoming changes will most likely affect the meta in the tournament, but it's too early to tell. The 512 participating teams will only have little time to prepare for the VCT Stage 3, and it would be interesting to see how these changes will affect the way players approach the game.

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Players will presumably be able to use KAY/O in the main event on July 6 or the second qualifier. Riot confirmed that the new killer robot agent is disabled in the first qualifier.


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