VALORANT Reveals New Tigris Skin Line and Lunar Celebration Event Pass

Riot Games is giving VALORANT players a special way to celebrate the Lunar New Year by revealing the new Tigris weapon skin line and free Lunar Celebration Pass.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, which begins on February 1, Riot is adding the Tigris skin line for the Phantom, Operator, Spectre, Shorty, and a new melee skin. VALORANT players can also unlock free cosmetics from the Lunar Celebration Pass, including a tiger spray, cloud gun buddy, and a player card featuring Sage, Neon, and Jett enjoying a meal.

VALORANT Tigris weapon skins
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Credit: Riot Games
VALORANT Tigris weapon skins

As shown in the trailer below, the new Tigris weapon skins features black and red color scheme with gold accents to the weapons, which shimmer and shine. The new melee skin looks larger than the base knife and it's great for players looking for a more stylish melee weapon .

Riot hasn't revealed the new pass yet, but expect it to be similar to previous free passes like the RiotX Arcane pass and the VALORANT YR1 pass. This is another fun way to unlock new cosmetics without having to spend money.

It looks like the new weapon skins are not upgradeable, but make sure to save up some Radianite Points (RP) just in case they are or if you want to upgrade future weapon skins. The Tigris weapon skin bundle will be replacing the Protocol skins in the in-game store, so don't forget to get the Protocol bundle before it expires.

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In addition to the new weapon skins and the free Lunar Celebration Event pass, VALORANT will also get a minor update with patch 4.02, which will be fully revealed on Feb. 1.

Are you going to get the new Tigris weapon skin bundle and try to unlock new cosmetics with the free Lunar Celebration Event pass?

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