New VALORANT Map 'Pearl' Revealed in New Trailer by Riot Games

Riot Games has released the trailer for the new VALORANT map, Pearl. This will be the eighth map for Riot's popular tactical FPS, and it's directly inspired by Portuguese culture, and in some areas, authentically crafted by local artists. This will be the first ever VALORANT map set in Omega-Earth, the alternate world of the game's lore.

Watch the trailer for Pearl below:

Here's the map description Riot Games provided for Pearl:

"Attackers push down into the Defenders on this two-site map set in a vibrant, underwater city. Pearl is a geo-driven map with no mechanics to keep things a little more straightforward. Take the fight through a compact mid or the longer range wings in our first map set in Omega-Earth.

VALORANT players can start playing the new map Pearl on June 22, when Episode 5 Act 1 launches (Patch 5.0). There will be a Pearl-only unranked queue that will be available in the first two weeks for players to get familiar with the new map, after which, it will enter Competitive rotation.

Content creators and professional players have Early Access to the new map, so expect new content showcasing the new map soon. In fact, there are already leaked gameplay footages of Pearl. The upcoming major update will also bring with it an additional competitive Rank above Diamond, below Immortal, called “Ascendant.”

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Riot Games said this in a statement:

"As the development team reflected on Rank distribution, it became clear that there were too many players in Bronze and Silver who didn’t necessarily belong there. Rather than overpopulate the higher ranks of Platinum and Diamond, the team decided to create “Ascendant” - maintaining the prestige, while helping to better define the skill level of each rank."

Are you excited to play Pearl when it launches? You can read more details about Pearl here.

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