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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 Spoilers, Release Date & Predictions: Jack Pearson Struggles To Come To Terms With His Mom’s Death?

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This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 will certainly tug at the heartstrings of fans since it will mostly revolve around Jack Pearson’s (Milo Ventimiglia) strained relationship with his mom, Marilyn (Laura Niemi).

In the previous episode, Jack received a phone call informing him that his mom had died. So, in next week’s episode, the patriarch will not only attend his mom’s funeral but will also give a eulogy in front of family and friends that he has not seen in over a decade.

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Is There A Trailer For This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4?

NBC dropped a trailer for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 that shows Jack talking to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) about his mom’s death. He tells his wife that he’s supposed to give a eulogy but doesn’t know what he would say.

A flashback from several years ago also shows Jack and Marilyn disagreeing with each other. At one point, the latter tells her son that it’s been 13 years since he last reached out to her.

The emotional teaser wraps with Jack standing on the podium at his mom’s funeral service. He opens his mouth but no words came out as he was trying to give his eulogy.

What Else Is In Store For Jack In This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4?

Jon Huertas recently teased what else is in store for Jack in next week’s episode.

“With Jack, he’s always had this really difficult relationship with his family. And I think this is one of those odd moments that Jack really doesn’t know how to deal with emotionally. And he’s going to have to realize that [he] can’t do this himself. He’s not a superhero, he’s a human with a heart that realizes sometimes you need help. Sometimes you need to lean on others to help you through things,” Huertas said.

What Happened In This Is Us Season 6 Episode 3?

This week’s episode titled Four Fathers seemed like the perfect prelude to next week’s episode. After all, it centered on Jack’s role as a father to his three children, Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Kevin (Justin Hartley).

In one of the scenes, Jack arrived home late only to find his three young children already in bed. He told Rebecca that he doesn’t want to be the dad that leaves the house before his children even eat their breakfast and goes home after they’re already fast asleep.

So, Jack made it a point to make it up to his children by going to the cinema to watch An American Tail. Since Jack was tired from work, he ended up falling asleep and this upset Kevin.

The latter stormed out of the cinema and Jack panicked after he woke up and realized that one of his children have gone missing. Jack later finds Kevin with Rebecca at the mall’s security office.

After they arrived home, Jack continued to beat himself up for not being present when all he wanted was to bond with his three children. But Rebecca reminded him that all parents get tired and make mistakes at times.

Their conversation was cut short after Jack received a phone call. He hung up and told Rebecca that his mom just died.

When Will This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 Air?

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 4 titled Don’t Let Me Keep You will air on Tuesday, Jan. 25 on NBC.

The hit NBC drama just premiered earlier this month and fans had to wait for over half a year to watch their favorite characters again.

But the upside to This Is Us Season 6 premiering at a much later date has to do with the fact that there won’t be any breaks in between each weekly episode.

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Where To Watch This Is Us Season 6?

This Is Us Season 6 is not only available to watch on NBC every week. The latest episodes can also be streamed online and for free on Peacock.

All the first three episodes are now available on the platform. And they are typically released one day after the installment airs on NBC.

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