The Wheel of Time Filming Locations

Rand Al'Thor from The Wheel of Time
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Rand Al'Thor from The Wheel of Time
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

The Wheel of Time, an Amazon Prime original that adapts Robert Jordan's epic book series, is undoubtedly the new cool thing in the fantasy scene. In many ways, the show feels familiar enough to be comfortable; some would say too familiar. The world of the show definitely rings a bell, resembling many fantasy shows based on similar books. But, of course, every fantasy addition still brings something unique to the table. So, where was the show filmed?

There's no official name for the show's magical world, which is thus conventionally known as the World of the Wheel. To bring this vibrant world to life, Amazon used several locations in Europe - a popular choice for medievalist fantasy works.

The scenes in the Two Rivers from where the five main Dragon Reborn candidates hail were filmed in the Czech Republic. The same is true for most other locations from the World of the Wheel. Czech Republic is, therefore, the main film location as far as season 1 is concerned. In fact, Amazon $92 million for the series' needs there. And that is without considering Season 2, which is already in the making.

More specifically, much of the filming took place in Prague and its surrounding areas, including Dolský mlýn, a mill that provided the setting for many scenes. Other filming locations for the fantasy series include Croatia and Slovenia. Dubrovnik, Croatia, is a particularly popular location for fantasy sets, as it also features quite a lot in Game of Thrones, particularly in King's Landing scenes.

As for the mountainous areas we've seen in The Wheel of Time, the scenes unfolding there were filmed in the Bovec area of Croatia.

Given that the characters move around quite a lot, it is unlikely that the exact same locations will be reused for Season 2. This might be the case for White Tower scenes, for instance, as it's a very important seat of power for the Aes Sedai and it would make sense to see it again. Other than that, we expect some new location in the mix as we explore the World of the Wheel alongside the main characters!

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