The Sopranos News & Update: Should Creator David Chase Greenlights a Continuation, 'I'm Ready,' Says Show Writer

Credit: HBO Max/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HBO Max/YouTube Screenshot

Terence Winter, the writer of The Sopranos, provides a hesitantly positive update on the franchise's future. From 2000 through 2007, Winter wrote, directed, and produced crime dramas alongside the show's creator, David Chase.

The Sopranos Writer: 'I'll Do It' If David Chase is Ready

Winter provided an encouraging update on the probable continuation of The Sopranos franchise in an interview with MovieMaker. He confirmed his desire to collaborate with Chase on another storyline for the franchise.

"No, not as of yet, but hopefully David's still thinking about it," Winter said. "He knows anytime he wants to do it, I'm ready."

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He also stated that he will not push the project out of respect for Chase, but that he is prepared if the opportunity to continue the franchise arises:

"You know, we're very dear friends, I see him all the time. I don't nudge him about it. If he's ready, I'll do it. If he's not ready, I'll respect that decision, too."

The Sopranos centers on mob boss Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), who struggles to juggle running a crime syndicate with taking care of his family.

The crime drama was well-received by critics and is regarded as one of the best TV shows ever written. It produced The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel movie, in 2021, but it's not certain if the franchise will go on.

How The Sopranos Could Continue

The Sopranos franchise would most likely return in the form of a prequel TV series or film. While The Many Saints of Newark did not perform well at the box office, it received largely excellent reviews and became a smash on HBO Max when it became available for streaming.

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The big question is whether the prequel will be a TV show or a film. Given the streaming success of The Saints of Newark, Chase said that he was once in talks to make a prequel TV series for HBO Max. He has, however, stated a desire to create another movie rather than a series.

Later on, HBO Max also said that it was not developing a prequel series and denied having any interest in one. After all, it's doubtful that any series could match the enduring original.

If The Sopranos franchise does come back, it will probably take the shape of a prequel movie. Michael Gandolfini, the late James Gandolfini's son, has also expressed interest in playing the young Tony Soprano again. But he said he'd only be interested in portraying Tony in his 20s and delving more into the character's youth.

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There is always hope that The Sopranos franchise will grow, even though it is unclear whether Winter and Chase would pursue their prequel plans.

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