The Resident Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers And Trailer: New Teaser Shows Attack On The Hospital

Credit: One Media

Credit: One Media

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The Resident Season 5's official release is just around the corner and fans of the show cannot wait to watch the new installment of the series. The plot thickens as viewers would see the doctors facing brand new challenges in the upcoming season.

With the first episode just knocking on our TV and laptop screens, fans are asking what bombshell situations for the first episode will be. Here's what you need to know about The Resident Season 5. Keep on reading to know more.

The Resident Season 5: Attack On The Hospital And Kit Voss' New Role

The newest trailer for the premiere episode of The Resident season 5 has just been released online, and fans are thrilled to know what would happen to the lead characters. The teaser video shows that the hospital is under attack, putting the doctors in a highly dangerous situation.

This situation will be extremely challenging, especially for Kit Voss, who just recently accepted the role of CEO at Chastain. One thing is for sure, there will be panic and blood in The Resident season 5. Life-changing choices will be made by the doctors and it will come at a price.

The Resident Season 5: Exits And Introduction Of New Characters

With Emily VanCamp's exit from The Resident, the storyline will obviously shift and all eyes will be placed on Nic. Despite Fox not entirely revealing how Emily's character will be leaving inThe Resident Season 5, her departure will not go down silently.

Furthermore, no more hints have been dropped by Fox regarding Nic's situation. In the official synopsis released by Fox about The Resident Season 5 Episode 2, a woman is found unconscious in the elevator. Fans are debating whether this unconscious woman is Nic or not.

The Resident Season 5 premieres on Fox on September 21 at 8 p.m. EST.

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