The Little Mermaid: ‘Under The Sea’ Clip Showcases Sebastian Singing The Iconic Song

Although many fans have been pretty against remaking Disney’s The Little Mermaid into live-action, the latest clip of Sebastian singing his iconic song Under the Sea could ease your mind a little on the whole thing.

Starring pop singer Halle Bailey as the titular mermaid princess Ariel, this 2023 live remake is based on the 1989 classic bearing the same name, which was inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s 1837 fairy tale.

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Hamilton star Daveed Diggs voices Sebastian in The Little Mermaid remake, who you might also recognize as King Triton’s (Javier Bardem) loyal servant, musical composer of the sea, and Ariel’s babysitter.

Entertainment Tonight just released a short clip teasing Sebastian’s intro of Under the Sea, in which the crab attempts to persuade Ariel into staying ‘under the sea’ to prevent her from pursuing the adventures on land.

The clip features a colorful school of fish, seahorses Sebastian got to ride on mid-song, all the while exploring the beauty of the vast ocean they live in.

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Considering that fans have had the wrong impression of the live remake from the very beginning, this short clip just showed how perfect Halle Bailey is to portray the mermaid Ariel.

Not to mention, some have appreciated that the live remake has instead highlighted Ariel’s wish to spend time on land due to the wonders it offers rather than what the original animated film did.

If you can recall, the original animated film did have Ariel hoping to explore the surface, however, it leaned more towards pursuing Prince Eric as her one true love.

It may be difficult to base off the quality of the entire film in this short intro, however, many fans are already finding themselves detaching from the remake, even to the brink of comparing its CGI effects to Avatar: The Way of Water.

The Little Mermaid live-action remake is set to arrive in theaters on May 26 this year.

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