The Last of Us Writer Promises to Keep Ellie Gay in Upcoming HBO Series

PlayStation fans everywhere went ballistic when it was announced that HBO would be working on a live-action adaptation of Sony's The Last of Us, one of the best PlayStation exclusives ever released. The timing of this announcement is pretty good, with a sequel to the original coming out later this year, the hype for this Sony property is at an all-time high and we can't wait to see what the show could end up being like.

However, once concern some fans have expressed is HBO changing the sexuality of Ellie. If you pay attention to The Last of Us or play the Left Behind DLC, you'll realize that Ellie is a lesbian and that point is emphasized completely during trailers of The Last of Us Part II, which caused some controversy to people who clearly didn't play the last game.

Thankfully, Craig Mazin, the writer, and producer for HBO's The Last of Us has stated that they will keep Ellie gay. Actually, to quote the man himself, when a fan asked about Ellie staying gay, Mazin said: "you have my word." It's good to know that they will be trying to keep the show a bit diverse since it's already limited to having two main characters, with the occasional supporting cast member chiming in.

Some fans might think that Ellie staying lesbian would be a given but people have changed adaptations before. Jughead is asexual in the Archie comics but Riverdale made him a normal straight dude, much to the dismay of many fans, including his actor Cole Sprouse. This is a big step forward, at the very least.

No release for HBO's The Last of Us has been revealed. The Last of Us Part II is coming to the PlayStation 4 on May 29.

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