The Last of Us Part II Release Date Revealed with New Trailer

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It's been six years since the release of The Last of Us, and Naughty Dog is set to release the sequel next year. What's cool is, we finally have a release date for The Last of Us Part II, and it comes with this neat new trailer for the game.

As per the trailer, The Last of Us Part II hits shelves on Feb. 21, 2020. We don't have an official synopsis for the game, but it looks like Ellie is now the main protagonist who is trying to survive the apocalypse without Joel; weird thing is, it looks like Joel is actually alive, but my guess is that this is just some kind of vision that Ellie is having, then again, I could be wrong.

Game director Neil Druckmann had also posted this up on the Playstation Blog:

Thank you for being patient with us. Very patient. Even though we've been eager to share more about The Last of Us Part II and tell you its release date, we wanted to wait until we were close to wrapping up production and we were confident in the date itself. We have a bunch of new stuff to share with you today… starting with the fact that on February 21, 2020 the Last of Us Part II can finally be in your hands.

The game looks amazing, and I'm sure no one is expecting less from Naughty Dog. Let's just hope the story manages to match the graphics and gameplay.

Catch The Last of Us Part II when it comes out Feb. 21, 2021.

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