The Flash Season 9 Plot, Cast and Release Date: What’s Next For Barry Allen And His Allies?

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The Flash (Grant Gustin) may have defeated Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh), but the fight is far from over, and there will be new challenges awaiting Barry Allen and the rest of his allies in The Flash Season 9. After the coming of the ninth season was confirmed in March, what’s next for this group of superheroes?

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The Season 8 finale, Negative, Part 2, has opened a lot of doors for The Flash Season 9. From the returning cast to the new season’s plot, here’s everything you need to know.

The Flash Season 9 Plot and Other Major Details


Season 8 ended with two scenes that set the stage for the new season to begin. The first one featured Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) resurrecting Frost with the help of Mark “Chillblaine” Blaine (Jon Cor).

The first part of the two-part finale showed Chillblaine locking Caitlin inside a pod that could reawaken Frost’s personality within Caitlin’s body.

In the second part, Chillblaine woke up with a warning that the pod had malfunctioned. He tried his best to get Caitlin out of the pod, but an unseen figure came out of it.

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When Chillblaine asked who it was, it simply said, “A friend…I think,” with Caitlin’s voice.

Deadline noted Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry knew the negative force needed to have a new avatar, knowing the universe is all about balance. By the looks of it, that avatar is this unseen character voiced by Panabaker.

Screenrant added that Chillblaine might have resurrected Frost in a different form, transforming Caitlin into the villainous Killer Frost or an entirely new persona in The Flash Season 9.


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It’s also possible that the avatar Barry and Iris were talking about was the glowing blue crystal in the science lab, which fans believed could hint at the coming of the villain Cobalt Blue.

The Flash Season 9 Cast

It remains to be seen who will return to The Flash Season 9, but fans expect the original cast to reprise their roles.

Gustin’s deal to continue playing as Barry reportedly paves the way for the new season’s coming.

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TV Line also reported Candice Patton would return to reprise her role as Iris, though she already said that her future on the show was uncertain.

Others who may still be seen in the new season are Panabaker, Danielle Nicolet, Kayla Compton, and Brandon McKnight, among others.


The Flash Season 9 Release Date

Though CW has yet to reveal when fans will start to see The Flash Season 9, there are theories that it may be out in the midseason of 2023, per Bustle.

If this happens, it will be different from the release of its eight predecessors, knowing they all dropped in the fall. With that said, viewers may see it premiere in January 2023.

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