The Dangers in My Heart Yamada VA Shares Hardest Scene to Play

The Dangers in My Heart Anna Yamada

The Dangers in My Heart Anna Yamada

The Dangers in My Heart is back for Season 2, to the delight of rom-com anime fans. To celebrate the anime’s return, Animate Times shared an interview with Anna Yamada VA Hina Yomiya, who revealed the most difficult The Dangers in My Heart scene to play so far.

In the interview, Yomiya mentioned that a scene in the anime’s 14th episode was a difficult yet memorable one.

There, Yomiya and her main co-star also looked back at the show’s heartwarming first season.

Spoiler Warning: There are anime spoilers for The Dangers in My Heart in this article.

Yamada and Ichikawa VAs Look Back at the First Season

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It may have been overshadowed by the other big titles of Spring 23 like Demon Slayer and Oshi no Ko, but The Dangers in My Heart has become quite a success, enough that it quickly got a new season.

During their interview with Animate Times, Yomiya along with Ichikawa VA Shun Horie looked back at what made the first season so good.

Yomiya mentioned that, while the original manga was good, the anime had a different level of excitement to it. She also mentioned that she was moved to tears after watching the final episode.

Meanwhile, Horie was surprised by how quickly the series got renewed, though with its renewal came some nerves for the actor. After all, Ichikawa’s voice will change a bit as he grows older in Season 2.

This is a big task for Horie, though he’s not the only one with a challenge in front of him for The Dangers in My Heart's second season.

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Yamada VA Hina Yomiya Explains the Difficulty of The Dangers in My Heart Episode 14’s Scene

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For the new season, Yomiya revealed that Anna Yamada’s scene where she opens up to Ichikawa about her insecurities is a memorable and difficult one.

Yomiya mentioned that this scene was used during her audition way back in Season 1. She also said that it featured the most difficult series of lines for her during the audition.

The scene’s degree of difficulty is because of Yamada’s depth of emotions, not to mention that it’s quite different from Yamada’s typically cheery demeanor.

Yamada becoming rather depressed in the last couple of episodes was also challenging overall for Yomiya, though she’s glad that she was able to portray her emotions.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 will continue with Episode 16 next week on HIDIVE.

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Source: Animate Times

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