The Blacklist Season 9: Amir Arison Opens Up About Heartbreaking Moment

WARNING: This article contains spoilers and plot predictions for The Blacklist Season 9. Read at your own risk.

The Blacklist Season 9 is currently on a month-long hiatus due to the Winter Olympics 2022. Amid the break, though, some of the cast members had engagements online to talk about the series’ ongoing course.

Earlier last week, Amir Arison held a special live session with Karina Arroyave and Diany Rodriguez on Instagram. They discussed several things about the show, including a heartbreaking moment from the previous episodes, according to Express UK.

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Amir Arison Chats With Karina Arroyave, Diany Rodriguez

During the engagement, Amir Arison, who plays the role of Aram Mojtabai, asked the two actresses about what it was like working with James Spader, who plays the lead character, Red. Rodriguez takes on the role of Weecha Xui, the sister of Mierce Xui, or the character Arroyave plays on The Blacklist.

Arison deemed his two co-stars “special on the show” because of their characters. This especially applies to Mierce who had been romantically involved with Reddington.

The relationship ended, though, in the eighth episode of the current season because it appeared to be a one-sided link for Mierce. Arison revealed that it broke his heart, particularly when she decided to leave Red before bidding him an “emotional goodbye.”

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Aram And Weecha To Become An Item In The Blacklist Season 9?

In the same interview, the three stars of The Blacklist discussed the potential romance between Aram and Weecha. While Amir Arison shared that he likes the idea of the two characters’ developing relationship, he noted that Aram might not be able to handle a real romantic link with Weecha.

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The celebrities did not give further information about the matter. But, they seemingly hinted at an upcoming “funny exchange” between the two characters.

The Blacklist Season 9 will return from its one-month break on February 25. It will air its tenth episode titled, Arcane Wireless, which, as per the official synopsis, is an "untraceable cellular network for criminals."

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