The Adam Project is More Than Just Another Job for Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds stars as a time-traveler who teams up with his younger self in Netflix's The Adam Project. Despite the fact that the picture appears to be a fun, action-packed sci-fi adventure, Reynolds has a personal connection to it. According to the actor, his own emotional attachment is visible in his performance.

Ryan Reynolds Shares Emotional Connection to The Adam Project

Reynolds plays Adam, a time-traveling pilot who flies back in time to partner up with his 12-year-old self in a mission to save the future in The Adam Project. He also joins forces with his father (Mark Ruffalo), who is dead in the future. Reynolds told Total Film that playing a character who meets his father again gives him an emotional connection to the script.


“There are lines written in the script that I put there because they’re true,” Reynolds said. “There’s a line in the movie that my younger self says: ‘I know why you hate [your father]. You’re you because he died.’ I think that’s part of the reason I had a frustration with my own father – it’s that he died, and I wasn’t able to say and do the things I wanted to do with him. I wasn’t able to experience all the good parts of him or reconcile some of the bad parts of him. So I think that lands as well.”

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Reynolds isn't the only one who can get some form of relief from The Adam Project, according to director Shawn Levy, especially given the events of the last few years. Levy told Total Film that the film doesn't shy away from grieving themes, but it also offers hope.

“Given the last few years, there’s so many millions of people who have experienced loss or grief,” Levy explains. “And this movie doesn’t turn away from that reality, but hopefully offers the possibility of a chapter beyond.”

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Ryan Reynolds Brings 'Emotional Authenticity' to The Adam Project

Reynolds brings a high level of "emotional authenticity" to this film, according to Levy, and it is "one of his greatest dramatic performances."


Reynolds and Levy recently collaborated on Free Guy, so Levy is aware of Reynolds' ability to combine drama and humor to a part.

The Adam Project trailers have teased an action-packed space and time-travel adventure. While Reynolds and Levy discuss the emotional heart of the plot, Reynolds assures audiences that the picture is exciting and fun.

The Adam Project arrives on Netflix on Mar. 11.

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